Female infertility in order to maintain the marriage took other children jailed for pretending to be homefront

Female infertility in order to maintain the marriage by pretending to be pregnant took other children jailed for original title: female infertility was ten months pregnant to steal a baby as his student newspaper news (reporter Sun Haiying) to keep their marriage, was diagnosed as female infertility in Huanan County actually disguise pregnant in October, about to give birth in the hospital before the others just walk away the baby was born two days, ready for. Recently, Huanan County People’s court together with the case, the woman Wang Nan (a pseudonym) for the crime of trafficking in children, court sentenced to imprisonment for one year. Huanan County woman Wang Nan and her husband Zhang Lei (a pseudonym) working in Inner Mongolia. In May 2015, Wang Nan appeared vomiting, symptoms of weakness, she thought she was pregnant, gave the good news to tell Zhang Lei, Zhang Lei let her go home tocolysis. In July, Wang Nan went to the hospital to check that he is not pregnant, is false phenomenon, and she had infertility, cured odds is very slim. Wang Nan is afraid of a happy marriage will end, he lied to her husband to hide the illness, everything is normal, then disguised nearly ten months pregnant. On May 2016, the day is about to give birth, Wang Nan was admitted to the maternal and Child Health Hospital of Huanan County, a body check of infertility, on the other hand, want to let friends believe that he is to go to the hospital. During hospitalization, Wang Nan met an old man, chat that his daughter is a mentally retarded son, suffering from eye diseases, just had a baby. Wang Nan can not help but think, since the child’s parents can not afford to raise, it might as well let her take care of the child. The second day early in the morning, while the old man home, Wang Nan pretended to be a nurse came into the ward, to bring the child to the family as the navel, the children walk away. After the child’s grandmother arrived, found the child is not in the hospital, immediately report to the police. The hospital surveillance video shows Wang Nan and her newborn baby two days fast walking out the door, take a taxi to the hotel shortly after Wang Nan’s husband rushed to the mother and son picked up 9 hours later, Wang Nan was the police taken away from home. In June 2016, Huanan County People’s court hearing the case, Wang Nan lied to deceive the family of their pregnancy, finally in the hospital took the baby confessed to the crime. The Wang Nan family and parents to communicate, returned to the children, and pay 7000 yuan in cash as compensation, also bought more than 1 yuan supplies for children, the two sides reached a settlement. In July 2016, the crime behavior of Huanan County People’s Procuratorate Wang Nan prosecution, the court in August 28th, Wang Nan established the crime of child abduction, sentenced to one year imprisonment, now the decision has taken effect. Source: Life newspaper editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: