Family accused the hospital delayed treatment windjview

The families accused the hospital delay in treatment – trial families accused hospital treatment delays yesterday morning, in the East Jin Zhuang Lotus Court, judge Chen Weihua as the presiding judge, with two members of a collegial panel of judges. The plaintiff, Yang Jianpu’s wife and mother’s lawyer Du Xinyue and brother-in-law Chen Zhenhui appointed by the agent, the defendant lawyer Chen Zhihua and assistant dean of Baoding First Central Hospital wine Harue trial. Previously, the family members repeatedly urge and coordination, the court finally allowed reporters into the court hearing, JINGWAH times and other 4 media reporters can only take a pen and paper, mobile phone, computer and other recording devices are not allowed into the court. Sit in the seats because of tension, dead more than relatives into the court and was asked to leave the court, leaving only the sister and wife of Yang Jianpu in "can’t remember this thing, too painful," Yang Jianpu’s sister was sitting in the corner of sorrow. Plaintiff lawyer Du Xinyue read the indictment, directed at the 120 emergency vehicles because of the fault, resulting in the delay of treatment for the treatment of Yang Jianpu for more than and 20 minutes, and ultimately due to invalid death. After the death of Yang Jianpu, the hospital emergency medical records will be full of fraud, it petitioned the court ordered compensation for Baoding First Central Hospital rescue fee, compensation for death, daughter of alimony, alimony, mother’s funeral expenses and a total of 63 yuan, of which, 50 thousand yuan for mental damages. The defendant’s lawyer submitted a written reply to the court, and approve emergency vehicle fault, but argued that the vehicle fault belongs to the event of force majeure, Yang Jianpu had a previous history of heart disease, have heart stent, ambulance and doctor arrived Yang Jianpu has no spontaneous breathing and other vital signs. After Yang Jianpu was sent to the hospital, in the hospital for 70 minutes, until 16:51 stop rescue, declared dead. Hospital rescue did not violate medical practice, should not be responsible for the death of Yang Jianpu. Because of the future before the court and the court to apply for a witness to appear in court, due to the opposition of the defendant and the full court collegial panel, a number of witnesses at the scene were not allowed to testify in court. Chen Zhenhui said in the court debate stage, according to the relevant provisions of China’s "criminal law" and "law" in the practicing physician, medical personnel seriously irresponsible, falsify or suppress related medical records and other medical documents, resulting in death or damage to health, shall be sentenced to 3 years imprisonment or criminal detention, "if the records are verified forgery, fraud related personnel should bear criminal responsibility, even if we don’t have a compensation, to criminal responsibility of relevant personnel, and promote the improvement of medical ethics, to safeguard people’s lives and health." Because both parties agree to mediation, the case was not in court for sentencing.相关的主题文章: