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F1 driver standings: Rosberg’s lead was shrunk to 12 points players girlfriend too beautiful not assured? F1 driver to Tencent in November 14th flower Rio sports today for the 2016 season F1 Brazil Grand Prix race team, Mercedes Hamilton won the championship in the rain, further narrowing the gap with teammate Rosberg, Rosberg won the runner up; pan vista in the last moments of a crazy move to get third on the podium, Vettel won fifth name. Raikkonen and Massa home court in the game because of the crash regret retire. In the current standings, Rosberg topped the ranking with 367 points, 12 points behind Hamilton ranked second in the championship suspense were successfully stored at two weeks after the season ending points – Abu Dhabi grand prix. Red Bull’s Ricardo ranked 246 with a score of third, followed by a score of about $197 and a total of 192 points for the player of the year at the time of the game, with a score of about $and a total of $. Position driver team points Rosberg Hamilton Mercedes Ricardo Red Bull Mercedes Ferrari 6 td> Red Bull Sebastian verstappen; Raikkonen Ferrari Peres Bo Tas Williams Berg India power India power Hawken Alonso Wallace Karen Massa Williams Sainz two team Red Bull Grosjean Keweiyate Red Bull Haas two team Barton Wallace Karen Magnuson Leinuonasaier Sauber Palmer Reynolds, Ma Lo van Donne Mai Karen Rhine Gutierrez Erickson Haas cable Bhamjee Yatuomanuoao Nobel Kangmar (Lee Tian You)相关的主题文章: