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UEFA will not investigate Ibrahimovic exposed throat lock referee: not necessary punishment – Sohu sports exposure UEFA will not investigate Ibrahimovic lock throat   group phase in the UEFA Cup fourth round, Manchester United 1-2 against Fenerbache, Ibrahimovic once had the Denmark defender Simon Kell’s throat lock behavior, but according to the the British "Daily Mirror" news, UEFA does not investigate the incident, the Manchester United striker will not because the action was punished. When Ibrahimovic played for Paris Saint Germain, Simon – Kell has been playing in Lille, two people have been in the French court had the confrontation, now two people in the United against Farenair Pace’s Europa League game, two people work for each master, once the conflict, and the recent plunge in scoring Ibrahimovic bate, opposite Kell resorted to a lock throat action. But the referee Mati did not make any decisions, but the incident was the fourth official saw, in his opinion, further punishment is not necessary, therefore, Ibrahimovic’s throat lock events are not under investigation by UEFA, but Ibrahimovic will not be punished. Speaking of this incident, Farenair Pace coach Advokat said, this is part of football, I do not want to talk about a person." Kell criticized Ibrahimovic’s arrogance, "Ibrahimovic was too high on the pitch, I didn’t hear what he was saying, but I knew he was in a bad mood. His behavior like this let me see he is a kind of what kind of people on the pitch, he always did his chest, proud of the players. I know it was just a game, I don’t want to make things expansion, this is not on the pitch and in his first conversation, I know how he will react." (listen to the wind)相关的主题文章: