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Senior high school entrance examination reform not only marks the only "comprehensive" forced open, the Ministry of education high school senior high school entrance examination reform is divided into five "key", namely: the implementation of junior high school proficiency test, improve students’ comprehensive quality assessment, to further improve the reform of admissions, independent recruitment policy, strengthen the examination and enrollment management. Among them, improve the comprehensive quality evaluation of students concern. Comprehensive quality evaluation is the observation, record and analysis of the students’ all-round development, and it is an important means to cultivate students’ good behavior and develop their personality. According to the age characteristics of compulsory education, students, combined with the actual teaching, refine and improve the ideological and moral, academic level, physical and mental health, artistic accomplishment and social practice evaluation of five aspects of the content and requirements, fully reflect the overall development of students and personality, pay attention to the daily behavior specification test students form and outstanding performance. The Affiliated Middle School of Yangzhou University President Zhang Tianruo said, in the past a lot of teaching in junior middle school like high school, try to score line, a new scheme to get rid of the senior high school entrance examination scores on the ", is a very good guide. Nanjing Hongguang middle school principal Zhou Yihong believes that the new scheme of senior high school entrance examination guide students to develop interest in many aspects, some schools do not attach importance to music, sports, art, if these subjects entered the senior high school entrance examination program, the school will make full opened the art of qi. In Nanjing City, the first high school principal You Xiaoping seems, the new test program docking new college entrance examination program to develop students’ interests and expertise, pay attention to its comprehensive development. "Jiangsu rules" and so on, the Jiangsu reform in the examination of specific programs, such as the Ministry of education to receive formal documents, learning to study and determine how to do digestion." The provincial education department’s director Ma Bin said, our province Nantong has a preliminary exploration of senior high school entrance examination reform, some of the practices with the national senior high school entrance examination reform scheme is close to. Junior high school graduation examination and entrance exam two test one is one of the highlights of the new national examination scheme, which is the province of Nanjing, Nantong, Yangzhou and other places have been implemented for many years. The Ministry of education examination reform opinions that will be included in the admission of sports subjects scoring subjects, science to determine the score or grade requirements, to guide students to strengthen physical exercise. Nanjing senior high school entrance examination early sports included in the total score, from the 2017 senior high school entrance examination sports programs just released, the future may not change the score, but the score criteria will gradually close to the national standard, the students want to take out to exercise every day. From the beginning of this century, the implementation of the new curriculum, Nantong ongoing exploration of senior high school entrance examination reform: 2002 – 2005, part of the entrance exam subjects into academic proficiency test subjects (examination); 2006 – 2008, moral and historical examination, physics and chemistry examination; since 2009, increasing the comprehensive quality evaluation of middle school students. And with the senior high school entrance examination results be as the basis for admission. In December 2010, the Nantong City senior high school entrance examination reform — reduce the academic burden on students, explore the effective ways and methods to promote quality education is included in the national education reform pilot project. Zhang Hua, director of the Nantong Municipal Bureau of education, the introduction of the reform of the examination in Nantong summed up is the classification test, comprehensive evaluation, multi admission." First in Nantong"相关的主题文章: