Evergreen Road Viaduct across two ring steel box girder lifting Lane resume next month 3edyy

Evergreen Road Viaduct across two ring steel box girder lifting steel box girder hoisting complete Lane resume next month. Correspondent Tian Liping taken the day before yesterday morning, Hankou Changqing Road Viaduct completed across the two link part of the steel box girder hoisting. In the future, 55 meters long main span will be elevated above the two ring road in the vicinity of 15 meters, across the two link. Evergreen Road Viaduct in the Third Ring Road overpass evergreen evergreen road across the canal, along the road, Beijing Guangzhou railway, near the line, ending in Qingnian Road, a total length of 3 km. The owner of the Wuhan real estate group, providing a venue for installation of the steel box girder construction, the second ring road section of Hankou in the night this month 6 days to 8 days of the implementation of the closure. In accordance with the direction from south to north, the main span is divided into 12 pieces, in the next 3 days in order to lift, splicing. As of 8 am, a total length of 55 meters, 26.2 meters wide, weighing 400 tons of steel box girder hoisting has been completed. Is expected in mid December, is located in the second ring road and Evergreen Road intersection area, will complete the 132 meters for the steel box girder, Changqing Road south of the Second Ring Road Viaduct at the end of the target through obstacles. Wuhan evening news reporter learned from the construction side, due to the construction of the occupied part of the second ring road lanes, will not be removed temporarily. According to the construction arrangement, the weekend and at the beginning of December, the second ring road will also be conducted two rounds of construction, there will still be at night for the second ring line is closed after unilateral, occupied lane can be restored.相关的主题文章: