Embarrassed! Barcelona MSN penalty is really bad to the outrageous hit rate of only 5 kkxxse.com

Embarrassed! Barcelona MSN penalty is really bad to the outrageous hit rate of only 5 Suarez missed a penalty after the chagrin of Barcelona away sina sports 3-1 beat Gijon, scored 10000 ball in team history and the creation of 31 consecutive games unbeaten record at the same time, but also have to face an embarrassing data — the 16 time this season won the penalty, Barcelona have lost 8 penalty kick, hit rate of only 50%. Sixty-second minutes of the game, Neymar left the ball to break into the box, the other is the goalkeeper Cuellar threw himself in the vicinity of the bottom line, the referee awarded a penalty, and to show a yellow card cuellar. Barcelona players kick this season never missed a penalty for Suarez, but Suarez’s shot was saved Shenyong Cuellar, missed a good opportunity for the team to expand the score. Suarez penalty into this is Barcelona this season won sixteenth penalty, but the red and blue army in 12 yards on the bad luck but surprisingly, 9 times the final score, but according to the statistical rules, last weekend, Messi deliberately passed the ball to Suarez was also recorded as missing a penalty, so the quantity of Barcelona missed the penalty should be 8, this calculation, the hit rate of only 50% of embarrassment. Compared with other data on the bright, 50% penalty hit rate is indeed a bit let Barcelona lift head, while the penalty also seems to be a Barcelona player to overcome the demons. 16 penalties in Barcelona, if you count the last weekend "missed" the penalty, 5 penalty kick in Messi missed 3 free throws, Neymar with 8 kick opportunity, but only scored 4 goals, scoring 2 goals in 3 Suarez ball, the game is the first time this season for Suarez miss. In the last round to show the penalty after the game with Barcelona, but once again in 12 yards before falling back. Barcelona coach Enrique in the post match press conference said that he is not worried: "the team really needs to improve, but no need for missing a penalty responsibility. Suarez, Neymar and Messi are great striker, I’m not worried about the future of us in the performance penalty." Vidal also said in an interview on the sidelines, the team missed a penalty and it does not matter: "I don’t think this is a serious matter, after all, in front of the door and the goalie in. The most important thing is that we win a game, if it does not affect the competition results, penalties not also all right." (Marco)

尴尬!巴萨MSN点球真是差到离谱 命中率仅5成 苏亚雷斯射丢点球后十分懊恼   新浪体育讯  巴萨客场3-1击败希洪竞技,在打进队史10000球以及创造连续31场不败纪录的同时,却也不得不面对一项尴尬的数据——本赛季16次获得点球,巴萨已经踢丢了8个,点球命中率仅有五成。   比赛第62分钟,内马尔在左路拿球突破杀入禁区,在底线附近被对方出击的门将奎利亚尔扑倒,裁判判罚点球,并向奎利亚尔出示黄牌。巴萨主罚的球员是本赛季从未罚丢过点球的苏亚雷斯,然而苏亚雷斯的射门却被奎利亚尔神勇地扑出,错失了为球队扩大比分的好机会。 苏亚雷斯点球不进   这已经是巴萨本赛季获得的第16个点球了,但红蓝军团在12码上的运气却差得出奇,有9次最终破门得分,但是按照统计规则,上周末梅西故意将球传给苏亚雷斯也被记作罚丢点球,所以巴萨罚丢点球的数量应该是8个,这样算来,命中率只有尴尬的50%。相比其他数据的光鲜,五成的点球命中率确实有点儿让巴萨抬不起头来,而点球似乎也成了巴萨球员难以克服的心魔。   巴萨获得的16个点球中,如果算上上周末“罚丢”的点球,梅西主罚的5次点球中罚丢了3次,内马尔共有8次主罚机会,却只打进4球,苏亚雷斯3球中打进2球,本场比赛是苏亚雷斯本赛季第一次罚丢点球。   在上一轮好好秀了一下点球配合之后,巴萨本场比赛却再次在12码前跌了跟头。巴萨主帅恩里克在赛后的发布会上表示,他对此并不担忧:“球队确实需要提高,但没人需要为罚丢点球承担责任。苏亚雷斯、内马尔和梅西都是十分伟大的射手,我并不担心今后我们在主罚点球时的表现。”   比达尔在接受场边采访时也表示,球队罚丢点球并不要紧:“我并不觉得这是个严重的事情,毕竟门前还有守门员在。最重要的是我们一场场拿下比赛,如果不影响比赛结果,点球不进也没事儿。”(Marco)相关的主题文章: