Electricity supplier war will ignite the courier industry in Shanxi double 11 express or over 33 mil-invictus gaming

Electricity supplier war will ignite the courier industry Shanxi double 11 express or over 33 million the Yellow River News Network (reporter Liu Yanan) annual "double 11" electricity supplier promotion period is coming, at the same time, courier business season will also come. According to the Shanxi Provincial Postal Administration, same as in previous years, the peak season of express business in 2016 is still mainly concentrated in the "double 11", "double 12" electricity supplier promotion period and Christmas, and 2017 New Year’s day and the Spring Festival (January 28th) Eve, a total of 88 days. Among them, the "double 11" period (from November 11th to 16th) will be the peak season. According to the State Post Bureau preliminary forecast, this year "double 11" period (from November 11th to 16th) the whole industry processing Express (mail) business volume will exceed 1 billion 50 million, 35% higher than the same period last year. Considering the peak volume of business electricity supplier and express the capacity of enterprises, is expected to the maximum daily processing volume may exceed 240 million, an increase of 50% over last year, daily processing capacity (since the two quarter of 81 million 700 thousand days) 2.94 times; daily processing capacity of more than 177 million, is 2.17 times the daily processing volume. According to the situation, Shanxi province express season business volume over the past few years, preliminary estimates, this year "double 11" period (November 11th to 25) the treatment of express mail (e-mail) business volume will be more than 33 million, more than 30% growth last year (express business volume in 2015 "double 11" during the 25 million 600 thousand day); the highest treatment the amount will reach 3 million 500 thousand, an increase of 50% over last year (November 2015 16 highest daily processing volume reached 2 million 350 thousand pieces), daily processing capacity of 176% this year. The import volume of our province is expected to reach more than 27 million, more than 30% over last year, and the export volume is expected to reach 6 million or more, more than 30% over last year. According to past experience, "double 11" first day, the province within the scope of the courier business has not reached its peak, the peak will appear between November 13th and 18. Shanxi Post Bureau responsible person, during the season, postal administrations of the province will strengthen law enforcement and inspection efforts, on the issue of illegal inspection found will be severely dealt with according to the law, monitor and focus on the important points of express enterprise distribution, business premises, and urge enterprises to increase the express complaints Taiwan seats and personnel, clear complaint channels, properly handle consumer complaints. In addition, if consumers encounter express service problems, you can express complaints to express enterprises, enterprises do not deal with the results for 7 days or not satisfied with the results, you can appeal to the Shanxi postal industry consumer complaint center, the complaint telephone: 0351-12305.

电商大战将引燃快递业 山西双11快件或超3300万   黄河新闻网讯(记者 刘亚男)一年一度的“双11”电商促销期即将来临,同时快递业务旺季也将到来。据山西省邮政管理局介绍,与往年相同,2016年快递业务旺季范围依然主要集中在“双11”“双12”电商促销期间和圣诞节,以及2017年元旦和春节(1月28日)前夕,共计88天。其中,“双11”期间(11月11日至16日)将出现旺季峰值。   据国家邮政局初步预计,今年“双11”期间(11月11日至16日)全行业处理的快件(邮件)业务量将超过10.5亿件,比去年同期增长35%。统筹考虑旺季电商业务量和快递企业的承受能力,预计最高日处理量可能突破2.4亿件,比去年增长50%,是日常处理量(二季度以来8170万件 天)的2.94倍;日均处理量超过1.77亿件,是日常处理量的2.17倍。   根据过去几年山西省快递旺季业务量情况,初步预计,今年“双11”期间(11月11日至25日)全省处理的快件(邮件)业务量将超过3300万件,比去年增长30%以上(2015年“双11”期间快件业务量为2560万件);日最高处理量将达到350万件,比去年增长50%(2015年11月16日日最高处理量达到235万件),是今年日处理量的176%。我省进口业务量预计达到2700万件以上,比去年增加30%以上,出口业务量预计达到600万件以上,比去年增加30%以上。根据以往经验,“双11”首日,我省范围内快递业务量尚未达到峰值,峰值将出现在11月13日到18日之间。   山西省邮政管理局负责人介绍,旺季期间,全省邮政管理部门将加大执法检查力度,对检查发现的违法违规问题将依法依规严肃处理,并对重点快递企业的重要分拨、营业场所进行监控,同时督促快递企业增加投诉台席和人员,畅通投诉渠道,妥善处理消费者投诉。   此外,消费者如果遇到快递服务问题,可先向快递企业进行投诉,企业7天没有处理结果或者对处理的结果不满意,可向山西省邮政业消费者申诉中心进行申诉,申诉电话:0351-12305。相关的主题文章: