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Duthel Te: I have to challenge the United States cannot fiddown welcomemat newspaper in Manila on 8 October, (reporter Zhao Zhongwen) Philippines President Duthel Te’s October 7th speech in his hometown of Davao City, once again attacked the US attack on the war against drugs, said that if the United States continue to regard Philippines as a "doormat", it will lose Philippines. Duthel Te said that if the United States does not give Philippines some respect, he will alienate the United States, to China and russia. He said: "as long as I’m here, you can not use Philippines as a doormat. I will not run with you, I can turn to China and russia. I met with Russian Prime Minister Medvedev during the ASEAN summit." Duthel Te pointed out that the China funded core description issie Xia province wheat lions Fort drug rehabilitation center will receive the patient in the near future, but the United States has not yet made a similar suggestion. He said that the United States in the Second World War in Manila caused the damage, "we suffer in the Second World War, in the battle of Manila, 200 thousand Filipinos died, all because of you here. If you weren’t here, we wouldn’t have suffered so much damage". On the day of the speech, Walter constantly refer to domestic or foreign opponents tried to overthrow him, insisting that he would not be intimidated, his anti war will not stop.相关的主题文章: