Drug addicts to the police station to prove the result, because of drug abuse was arrested on the sp-alienware m17x

Addict to the police station to open that the result was arrested by the police in September 21st because of drug abuse, a man went to Jinhua Wucheng Public Security Bureau police station north of the city issued without proof of accommodation, the results because of drug abuse was arrested by the police. The man surnamed Teng, Jiangxi Hengfeng County, 40 years old this year. In the morning, Teng Moulai gold found not with identity cards to the police station north of the city to issue without proof of accommodation, asked related matters. The police asked Teng identity information, the other reported identity card number. The police investigation found that it had drug convictions. Just in case, police with Teng of urine test results were positive. Teng learned that his urine test positive will stay, the police were questioning the Teng had confessed his drug facts. Originally, in the evening of September 19th, came to Jinhua to work before someone at home in a car accident, which has been in the hospital to take care of more tired, think of before after methamphetamine pleasure, and also a short period of time and refreshing, nicknamed "the East" and "pig brother" of the two friends in the hotel again taking the ice. The Teng has been sentenced to administrative detention for 13 days.

瘾君子到派出所开证明 结果因吸毒被民警当场抓获9月21日,一男子到金华婺城公安分局城北派出所开具无证住宿证明,结果因为吸毒被民警当场抓获。该男子姓滕,江西横峰县人,今年40岁。当天上午,滕某来金后发现未带身份证,便到城北派出所准备开具无证住宿证明,询问相关事宜。民警询问滕某身份信息,对方报出身份证号码。民警一查发现其有吸毒前科。为了以防万一,民警带滕某进行了尿检,检验结果呈阳性。滕某得知自己尿检呈阳性便呆住了,民警对其进行了盘问,滕某只得供述了自己的吸毒事实。原来,9月19日晚,在来金华上班前因家中有人出车祸,其一直在医院照顾比较疲惫,想起之前吸食冰毒后的快感,且还能短时间内提神,便与外号叫“东东”、“杀猪佬”的两朋友一同在宾馆再次吸食了冰毒。现滕某已被依法处以行政拘留13日。相关的主题文章: