Dream home Chongqing Bishan sister won the Siqin Gaowa encouraged a return to music — Chongqing win diqua

Dream home: Chongqing Bishan sister won the Siqin Gaowa encouraged a return to music — Chongqing windows — people.com.cn Zhong Yahua singing in vocal music room. Zhong Yahua, a native of Bishan, now living in Beijing, has dreamed of becoming a singer since childhood. If the "left" after a period of time, 2014, do poineering work have the "90" girl, don’t forget the heart, decided to turn back to the music, to continue to pursue their own dreams. Li said: music is my belief, not only the starting point, end point. "Talent is not to say, but also hard, hard work, in particular, can endure hardship, not simple!" One day not long ago, the people’s Liberation Army School of art Chinese, talking about his student Zhong Yahua, the professor, vocal music educator Meng Ling was full of praise for the Chongqing girl. In the College of a vocal room, the reporter interviewed Zhong Yahua. As professor Meng Ling said, this is a "Chongqing girl — not simple" in January this year, held in Seoul on the Third Asia International Music Festival finals, she has obtained national singing contest (occupation group). Few people would have thought that the clock as well as the role of another China in fact and singer less closely, it is China Millennium International Culture Communication (Beijing) Co., Ltd. boss. The successful "90", because what kind of opportunity is transformed to become a singer? In fact, before the start of the business I have been obsessed with music for many years, but now is’ return’." Zhong Yahua told reporters. Years of dream to become a real singer Zhong Yahua Bishan Guang Pu Zhen Hu Pu village. "I love singing since I was a child." Zhong Yahua memories. Her first appearance was at the age of 3. At that time the town held a large-scale entertainment activities, Zhong Yahua in the family encouraged daring to rush the stage, sang a song in the wind "the cloud", has won the audience applause. From then on, many villagers know this love singing, daring little girl. After primary school, Zhong Yahua is more schools to participate in the singing contest and literary activity, a. At the age of 8, Zhong Yahua was Chongqing City Song and dance vocal music teacher Xu Mai fancy, from then on, every weekend to participate in the study in normal vocal music. In the traffic inconvenience, and support from the general village to the city, one-way about 6 hours. It’s not an easy thing for a 8 year old. But Zhong Yahua never complained, the learning process than other children have many serious. "The children love to sing, learning spirit, is coachable!" Miss Xu Mai was deeply moved by her. In the training of the teacher, Zhong Yahua progress very fast, not long after they won the first national youth art talent selection contest vocal group award, and later won the Tenth National rookie contest best singer title…… A few years later, the music more and more obsessed with Zhong Yahua with honors admitted to the Affiliated High School of Sichuan Conservatory Of Music; in 2010, it entered the Beijing Academy of music, the main national vocal music. When she was in college, she began to try相关的主题文章: