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Double 11 online shopping these pits can not step on the double war is coming, you are not already can not control themselves? 11 The shopping cart is the store full? Dig money Jun friendship reminder: to meet their own buy buy buy pleasure, we also want to protect their wallet oh! Below these pits, you have to defend. Second generation family haunt, seconds you! Why do you always double in the 11 spike less than a single digit inventory? Because your opponent is "second generation"". Generation second generation is on behalf of the beat, on behalf of the process is very simple, just to provide consumers with links to the product, which is a specific type of size or color, and then take the next generation on behalf of the cost of the link and pay pat. In the second generation family you after payment, provide the user account and password according to you, to help you take the shooting time and payment. Is generally based on the number of goods sold, the price and the collection of popular degree, etc., from 5 to $25 range, if large, then it should be discretionary fees". See this, dig Choi can not help but want to ask, "second generation" why do not participate in their own 1 yuan spike phone, to earn the hard work of these 5? Will there really be such a good thing? We do not discuss the success rate of spike, you have to let the second generation of family to help you second favorite products, it is necessary to inform your account personal information. This implies the possibility of a huge risk of theft of funds. Because the second generation of family payment needs to bind seckill to your Alipay account, in order to use for quick payment seckill. Zhejiang police reminded consumers, criminals can use this feature will be bundled on the "Alipay seckill hijacking Trojan, steal your Alipay account and password. The account is swept at the same time, personal information will be resold, you want to put the 50 Fen to sell yourself? 1111 red envelopes, you dare to get it? Dig Choi Jun has just received a small partner sent a red envelope". 1111 yuan, how do you think it is a company ‘s double – 11 activities, but one thought, the sky is not too little pie. Always keep an eye. This is not right, click on the link, enter a complete information page. A look at criminals are carefully laid phishing sites. On the page you need to dig the money to provide name, phone number, bank account and other personal information, nominally convenient for me to receive benefits". If you are confused, then fill in the information will be uploaded directly to the relevant servers, crooks will use information for the next step of telecommunications fraud, or in the underground black market sales. Well, this is a 50 Fen to sell their own scam. The deposit is tricky, before you need a second "double 11" is coming, many businesses will be to pay a deposit form to attract people. In the "double 11" day to enjoy the way to attract consumers to pay a certain amount of advance deposit. About the "deposit", would like to remind you to dig Choi Jun long eye. Why do you say that? Take a look at the scene of forced meng! 1, if you pay the deposit regret, or found in the same section of goods in other businesses lower prices, asking for a refund deposit. To tell you the business words meaning ", the agreement stated: the deposit can not be returned. 2, if you deposit in advance, in a certain period of time did not pay the tail,.相关的主题文章: