Complete career woj God said the heat close to give up Bosh-bleep

Occupation career ended? Woj God called Miami close to give up Bosh we really couldn’t see the Dragon Figure: sina sports news Beijing time on September 24th, the core of Chris – Miami Miami Bosh did not pass the examination team event continues to ferment. According to the YAHOO sports ace reporter Adrian – Warner on his twitter revealed that the real giant has been a long time and did not communicate with the Riley. Miami heat increasingly believe that Chris – Bosh’s career basically ended. Bosh and pat Riley has had several months not exchanged." Not long after, woj God updated his Twitter: news sources, the communication between Bosh and Riley has completely collapsed. In addition, the source also said that although Riley and the heat of the officials want to sit down with Bosh, and slowly explore the future of things, but for the conversation with Riley, Bosh seems very hesitant." This summer, Bosh can comeback news affects the hearts of many fans. Recently, the new season training camp nearly, Bosh’s desire is very strong: he not only take the initiative to carry out training, also made their way back a short section. Bosh on the field of a piece of enthusiasm also makes many in the league players have to support him. However, the attitude of the heat is obviously different from Bosh’s attitude, they have always been the performance of the temperature does not fire. Beijing time on September 22nd, the heat said that if Bosh can pass the team’s physical examination, then the team can allow him to return. This also makes Bosh’s comeback road began to become clear. When most fans think that "really big stadium can appear in the new season, and then show glory when the heat is published today Bosh did not pass the examination of the statement. And according to the report of the woj God, this did not pass a medical examination, but also announced that Bosh’s career is about to end. Where is Bosh’s future? After this, Bosh really want to bid farewell to the game? Perhaps now, we can only silently blessing, hope there is a miracle. (fruit)相关的主题文章: