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Yunnan Chuxiong Dayao County, a large area of landslides in the new network – no casualties for landslides in Dayao County site. Zhong Xin photo Beijing, Kunming, September 23, (Chen Jing) 23, reporters from Chuxiong Prefecture in Yunnan province Dayao County propaganda department was informed that the night of 22 – 23 on the morning of 8, behind Chuxiong Prefecture Dayao County osmanthus Town Village, Martz primary school mats of large area landslides, currently no casualties. Dayao county "9.06" and "9.15" heavy rainfall flood disasters, behind Dayao County town village, osmanthus mats mats Primary School of a landslide. September 22 day and night to the morning of 23 am, the landslide body significantly accelerated the speed of the collapse, the landslide area is increasing, the degree of serious deepening of the landslide. As of 23 at 10 in the morning, the village committee office building, mats mats, primary school of village clinics and village close to the mats of 44 households in the housing collapse landslide, Martz primary school 59 teachers and students without school can be on, leading to the county town of Bay Road osmanthus tile sinking more than 8 meters, traffic completely interrupt. Previously, Dayao county has been warning, disposal of landslide area, the staff in 19 days before the transfer, so in 23 days in a large landslide with no casualties. It is found that the large area landslide situation, osmanthus town quickly organized under threat of 44 households, 158 people, 59 primary school teachers and students the proper placement of mats. Dayao county government after receiving the report, the principal leaders of the county quickly led the rescue and relief work group and fire officers and soldiers rushed to the disaster area, organization personnel, to count the number of living people in the disaster areas, organized evacuation, the landslide road will be closed, the establishment of warning signs, and properly handle mass production and living. At the same time, arrangements for the 24 hours of landslide monitoring, sent experts to carry out emergency work. (end)相关的主题文章: