Chongqing charity care for patients with diabetes to set up a special relief fund nlite

Chongqing City charity care of diabetic patients to set up a special rescue fund in November 14th, the Chongqing municipal charity "diabetes charity care fund officially inaugurated. Zou Le in November 14th, is the Tenth World Diabetes Day, in order to care for poor patients with diabetes, healthy living and eating habits, Chongqing charity diabetes charity care fund was formally established in Chongqing, Florence Health Management Co. Ltd. donated 10 million yuan subsidy, mainly used to provide aid for poor people with diabetes, and to carry out psychological counseling and regular medical and other social welfare activities. It is known that diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia is caused by a defect in insulin secretion or by a biological effect, or both. Long term hyperglycemia in diabetes can severely damage the body’s major organ systems over time, especially in the eyes, kidneys, heart, blood vessels and nerves. In today’s society, more and more patients with diabetes, diabetes seriously affect people’s normal life and endanger people’s health. Many patients with diabetes due to poverty can not be timely assistance, facing difficulties such as blindness, amputation. To this end, sponsored by the Chongqing Charity Federation, Chongqing nighting Health Management Limited donated a total value of 10 million yuan, the establishment of the special diabetes charity special care fund, to provide real help for the poor people, suffering from diabetes, people with disabilities, the elderly etc.. Chongqing Charity Federation vice president Ai Yongling introduced, the fund will continue for the poor and disabled people suffering from diabetes, aged to provide material assistance; the formation of the Chongqing charity volunteer corps nighting health service brigade, by visiting the community the way to popularize the knowledge of prevention and treatment of diabetes, to provide advice and assistance services for patients, to poor people with diabetes send more real love and warmth, help the poor diabetic patients return to healthy life.相关的主题文章: