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Children imitate their parents to dig out the ears lead to tympanic membrane perforation – Sohu Health recently, Ms. Chen anxiously holding the child to the hospital department of ENT. By asking to know, Ms. Chen usually love after a bath with a cotton stick in front of the children’s ears, children more than two years, while Ms. Chen does not pay attention to, with a cotton swab to imitate her own ears look out, this dig leads to tympanic membrane perforation, bleeding, fortunately timely treatment, good recovery. In fact, the child’s ability to imitate is particularly strong, especially the action of imitating adults, usually the home of cotton swabs, knives, keys, pens, chopsticks and so do not let the child play, so as to avoid accidents. If parents find their children playing these dangerous things, but also the right guidance, timely propaganda, do not yell to scare the child, if the child is afraid to take these things to run, once the fall will be more dangerous. In clinical, we found that many of the children there are some common problems, such as parents usually put on after taking the drug is easy to take place, children thought is candy, learn to eat; some parents take children to see a tissue plug nose, followed after the plug small things in their noses and ears; when some the child was tied to the throat fishbone, they imitate the family to settle by swallowing rice, swallow food and drink vinegar, not knowing that improving the removal difficulty, increase the risk of puncture; there is the use of toothpicks, chewing gum, melon seeds etc.. In addition to the attention of life in front of the children to do these actions, but also pay attention to the use of cotton swab is also a bad habit, it is easy to destroy the acidic environment within the ear canal, adverse to health. Our daily said earwax in medicine called cerumen, is a kind of acidic substances, will not love the smell of a small insect, have prevent insects fly into the ear canal, protect the skin effect, the best do not often dig. Some assembly block earwax blockage, try not to own mess dig, but should go to the hospital for regular professional cleaning. (Zheng Haiyan)相关的主题文章: