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"Treasurer" QQ commands of a Chengdu company cashier cheated 620 thousand Beijing – teller Amanda cheated transfer 628000 yuan, since she still preserved with the liar chats. The "temporary loan" so Amanda doubts. Police analysis: small and medium-sized companies because the financial system is not perfect and most easily caught 99% similarity of QQ picture, voice, "professional" will she go into the scam… 620 thousand yuan gap at the company accounts, Chengdu girl Amanda sleepless nights, although for over a month, but the terrible scam is still visible before the eyes. In August 12th, as the company cashier Amanda received the "treasurer" sister soup from QQ to have a command, said boss asked her to pay, 620 thousand yuan money transfer to a bank account. For transfers so generous, Amanda hesitated, but the other side of the QQ picture and notes, and even tone and "professional degree", and indeed sister soup is very similar, so she turned to the account 620 thousand yuan, also specially will turn to the payment voucher with WeChat at the same time, sister soup, really the soup in the office next door sister…… In September 12th, Amanda tells the story of the encounter to the WCC reporter, she hoped that the public security organs to recover losses, also hope that other employees can check erroneous ideas at the outset to be vigilant. Guess black Amanda liar QQ latent master "days how I cheated?" After the accident, Amanda carefully check the QQ number of sister soup. "This is the two QQ, but if you do not look carefully, but the number is not the same, whether it is net, notes, picture or personal data are as like as two peas", she also noted that in the list of friends, only the crooks QQ number, but the real sister soup has been deleted. The most amazing thing about her is that the tone of the liar and the "professional level" are very similar to those of tom. Through the analysis of all the signs, Amanda said, is likely to own QQ stolen, crooks lurking for several days, has managed to master the key figure in the list of friends and chat, then identify the timing, a leader of fraud. "Financial boss" QQ Directive: the chief to turn 620 thousand and 9 on Sept. 12, reporters in Chengdu Shuangliu a company, see Amanda, she opened the front desk cabinet, took out a copy of this book, is the original and swindler QQ chat records, "now feel the evil!" She said. 9 August 12th morning, akanes QQ received from the "boss", "boss" was her boss, treasurer sister soup notes. "How much money do you have now?" Amanda did not think, immediately reply: "85". The other side asked: "million?" Amanda again: "yes". At this time, Amanda have doubts: how will focus on the soup sister asked is not million". At this time, the "boss" told Amanda: Zhang arranged a paragraph to pay, I ask, later to (you) account information". Two minutes later, the "boss" will send an account, let Amanda hit 628 thousand yuan. So big.相关的主题文章: