Changde Tourism Festival opened in October, the 8 bright dots decorated with the activities of the t

Changde Tourism Festival opened in October 8 with 7 bright little activity in September 23rd, the 2016 Changde Tourism Festival press conference held in the city planning exhibition hall, a number of well-known media including Hunan TV public channel, Hongkong daily, Ta Kung Pao, Tencent, Hunan Network participated in the conference. 2016 Changde Tourism Festival press conference Changde vice mayor Hu Qiuling introduction of the Changde Tourism Festival vice mayor of the city of 2016, vice mayor of the city to accept the Tencent ·. The people’s Government of Changde City Vice Mayor Hu Qiuling, vice mayor of Changde municipal government; Kuang Jiachi Deputy Secretary General of Changde municipal government; Cheng Lingmin; deputy director of the Changde Municipal Tourism Foreign Affairs Bureau member, Shi Caiming attended the conference. The people’s Government of Changde City Vice Mayor Hu Qiuling said at the meeting: "Tourism Festival as an integration of tourism resources, promote tourism products, an important platform to promote the regional tourism cooperation in Changde, started the" land of idyllic beauty "tourism brand, shaping the" kiss "of Changde tourism image, accelerate the construction of domestic and foreign well-known leisure tourism destination. It has very important significance." The Changde Tourism Festival by the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the city of alien style new Bureau, the people’s Government of Lixian, willow lake tourist resort zone and municipal investment group, city investment group contractor, is scheduled for September – November, held related activities in Changde city and the relevant county city. Tourism Festival opening ceremony will be held on October 17th at 8:00 in the River Street Pier, wearing purple River held. In recent years, the municipal government in accordance with the "new Changde, new venture" strategy, vigorously implement the cultural tourism industry to tackle strategic plan of action for three years, a large number of continuous introduction of city leisure tourism products have been or will be available in Changde City, the global tourism has taken shape, "kiss Changde, romantic city" of the city leisure tourism the brand image has been effectively improved. Especially in 2015, we successfully hosted the Changde Tourism Festival and hosted the first Hunan International Tourism Festival, the grand launch of the Changde water world, Baihe Town, Wuling City Beach Park, city tourism Pavilion walk. In order to better city, city marketing management, focus on the advantages of using tourism, city tourism products, packaging and promotion of the city tourism line, stimulating tourism consumption, by the municipal government, and submitted to the provincial people’s government approval, decided to host the 2016 Changde tourism festival. Tourism festival includes seven main activities: 1 Hunan tourism "Golden Triangle" development summit. October 17th morning guests report, 3:00 pm to attend the Hunan tourism Golden Triangle development summit. Summit will be held in Hunan tourism, Golden Triangle Golden Tour Line signing ceremony at home and abroad travel agents, Hunan Tourism Development Forum and other activities of the. The opening ceremony of the inaugural tour of Chuanzihe river Changde Tourism Festival 2.2016. In late October 17th 8: 00 – 10: 00, all guests attended the ceremony for wearing purple River, the water bus unified the sail, guests take the water bus tour, wearing a purple river at night, enjoy the features of cultural programmes. 3 German Style Street open street. October 18th 9:18 – 10: 30, the mayor of Hannover, Germany to visit, held at the same time the German style street opening ceremony.相关的主题文章: