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Iphone 6 Screen Replacement: 3 Options For A Shattered Screen Posted By: Michael E. White iphone 6 screen replacementThe new iPhone 6s boasts bigger screens and that means, if you have one, theres a good chance youll need iPhone 6 screen replacement at some point in the life of your phone. Lets face it, we all drop our phones – in bathrooms, parking lots and pretty much anywhere else theres a hard surface. The bigger size of the iPhone 6 means its a little harder to hang on to and, with that larger size, comes more glass surface to shatter. If you happen to be one of those unlucky people who needs an iPhone 6 screen replacement, you have three choices: 1 – Take it to Apple. If your phone is still under warranty or you bought AppleCare+, you can either have your screen replaced for free or for considerably less than it would cost to buy a whole new phone. If the glass develops a hairline crack and there isnt any other obvious sign of droppage, Apple will likely replace the glass for free. If there is definite evidence that youre the reason your glass is shattered, Apple will charge you a relatively small (for Apple) fee for your iPhone 6 screen replacement.

iphone 6 screen replacement Three Reasons Why That Cellphone May Not Be The Answer To All Your Communication Problems. Cellpho Posted By: pauldf7g1ga

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