Carina Lau invited Zhang Jike, the hands of the hands of the dance to make her shy waist – China net k-boxing

Carina Lau invited Zhang Jike and Sun Yang dance hand Zhang Jike waist to shy Beijing Beijing in September 18, according to Taiwan "Chinese times news, Carina Lau participated in the variety show" we have come to the "second season, the latest episode for the Olympic champion Sun Yang, Zhang Jike, when a pedestrian in the camping experience dinner, fun, domineering Carina Lau suddenly a god named pen, shouted:" Zhang Jike, dance with me!" Zhang Jike also took the initiative to hold his hand in his neck, so that the scene of the shy Zhang Jike. The 50 year old Carina Lau while the opportunity to show friendship with Angie Chiu, Karen Mok, Joe Chen et al., a new phase of the program, there are many more opportunities to interact with the guests, Sun Yang Zhang Jike, Carina Lau straightforward personality, also invited Zhang Jike to dinner suddenly dancing at the age of 28 he was let some people are at a loss, in the side of laughter. See Zhang Jike shocked, as the elder Carina Lau took the initiative and took Zhang Jike’s hand around his neck, and Zhang Jike put their hands on the waist, then swing with music, and then pulled Sun Yang dancing, friends joked: "Wuli (US) Koko well shy oh!" Tony Leung has been on the road".相关的主题文章: