Buy a bunch of fake TV shopping spend a lifetime savings of seventy old fan boee

Buy a bunch of TV shopping to buy fake daddy Tang spend a lifetime savings seventy elderly fans on the so-called "collectibles" in Yuxi have ten (reporter He Chunlin photo) Zhuzhou evening news October 29th (reporter correspondent He Chunlin Meng Yan) last year, Zhuzhou County, the Tang dad hooked on TV shopping. Less than a year, he spent about 100000 yuan, has purchased the seals, coins and other collectibles. Now, this pile of "collectibles" cannot be shot by the experts, the seal material did not jade. Buy "collectibles" spent 130 thousand yuan, the more than and 70 year old father lived in Zhuzhou County home, children living in urban areas because of the working relationship. Reporters noted that dad bought Tang "collectibles" to seal and coins, which sizes and shapes of the Yuxi is ten yuan. The Yuxi, printed with the Olympic emblem "" spirit Olympic emblem "" sub investment "" Yuxi "" in 2022 the twenty-fourth Winter Olympics in Beijing’s successful bid for the memorial ". Tang Diedie said that in the second half of last year, he saw a TV ad on the phone, to call the other side. At that time, a salesman said, when there are major events held in the country, the relevant departments will be the introduction of collections, and are limited edition. The Yuxi was made famous Hetian jade and Qing Shiyu, also has a corresponding collection certificate, has very high collection value, great appreciation of space. "If you make money, you’ll have to sell it," said the salesman." Tang Diedie said that he would often receive a salesperson’s phone, so that he can buy more products, because the collection to buy more, after earning more. "I just want to earn money." Tang Diedie said, back and forth, Yuxi and commemorative coins to buy probably spent 130 thousand yuan. Among them, Yuxi spent about 80 thousand yuan. The money, in addition to their life savings, most of the people around to borrow. Did not make any money, also want to return difficult Tang notes provided by daddy, these Yuxi are from a company called CTV wishlists (Beijing) international collection Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as visual search company) to buy. "I don’t know what’s wrong with him. It feels like a brain."." An acquaintance of the Tang Tang dad said, dad is a farmer, the children found before he bought Yuxi and commemorative coins in this way, once many times to persuade him to stop and. However, the old man did not stop, more time is to carry their children to buy. Not long ago, Tang Diedie because there is no money to buy collectibles, and began to borrow money from their children, children once again aware of the seriousness of the problem. In the children’s persuasion, Tang dad started to contact in collection company, said to this group of "collectibles" shot. Before the salesman is not directly rejected, but for various reasons to shirk. The day before yesterday morning, Tang dad again contacted each other, hope will be in the hands of products shot. The other side is still not a clear reply, just to appease him: Old Tang ah, our company and China’s four major auction houses, the latter do not worry about the problem." Yesterday morning, the reporter contacted the company that is in the collection, the reporter wanted to interview this.相关的主题文章: