Body fatigue eat 6 kinds of food ca1835

Physical fatigue eat 6 kinds of food, 1 eye fatigue eat wolfberry wolfberry workers all day staring at the front of the computer or a dense array of statements, the eyes will feel soreness unbearable. "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the record: " Chinese wolfberry, Bushenshengjing, liver eyesight. " consumption of Chinese wolfberry can reduce UV stimulation, protect the optic nerve is not damaged. In order to play eye effect of Chinese wolfberry, the best way and the most simple, is to be chewed to eat. Generally healthy adults eat about 20 grams per day of wolfberry is more appropriate. If you are chewing wolfberry, eat the amount to halve, otherwise easy to over nutrition. 2, brain fatigue eat nuts workers from heavy workload, the brain has been in high speed running state. A lot of people to reflect on the point of work, on the desire to split, God trance. In addition to the working time of every 1 hours, up and walk around, relax the brain, in the morning at 10 or 3 PM can have a handful of walnuts, pistachios, almonds, this kind of nuts, which are rich in lecithin, vitamins and trace elements, has a good effect of mental rehabilitation. [1]相关的主题文章: