Blizzard the first snow is the most dangerous, especially the three

Snow: the first snow is especially the most dangerous of the three people it snowed in Zhengzhou, and the youngest is a circle of friends this fryer…… First snow "netizens ridicule this Zhengzhou winter of Qinyuanchun · Zhengzhou Zhengzhou snow snow", a god of wind, thousands of miles of traffic, Wan Li Keng package. Look inside and outside the street, cars such as snails, road congestion so much Coke, countless beauty crowded bus. See the road so badly, countless traffic police jingsheyao. With the Audi A6, Mercedes BMW, such as slow cow, no freak. Genghis, Lamborghini, tears look, the car son super. All in the past, but also the number of bicycles, dominate, pedestrian more heroes! The basic is not easy with sliding friction friction, "do you think this snow is the bigger than usual? In fact, it is more than you can imagine some of the coldest in 30 years…… "The temperature of the cooling, in the same period of history is relatively rare, the last time such a low temperature has to be traced back to 1987, it can be said that this week will be the coldest week in 30 years……" Zhengzhou will usher in the lowest temperature since 1992 to let Xiaobian quietly tell you how the weather today, tomorrow, do not be sad because there are more sad when the snow will go to? Beijing, Tianjin and Shaanxi, Henan is the center of the two snow. Finally, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei snowfall as expected, Shaanxi Henan exceeded expectations. Last night, Zhengzhou snow, snow has reached the snow, Blizzard never tolerate impact. According to the Provincial Meteorological Bureau forecast: tomorrow, my province in the southeast of the snow stopped overcast days; in other areas cloudy to cloudy. Zhengzhou overcast to cloudy, the temperature between -5 degrees C ~4 C. The 24 day, the province’s cloudy sunny afternoon to night, the province cloudy day, from west to East in most areas to light rain or sleet. Zhengzhou cloudy, minimum temperature -2 degrees, the highest temperature of 4 degrees. The cold of the power of the more prominent, to 24 am, the minimum temperature decline in the previous 8 DEG ~10 deg. Affected by strong cold air, 23 to 24, the province’s haze dissipated. Xiao Bian felt profoundly long johns has to die, do I need to wear trousers down jacket wrapped in blankets on! I need to carry out the cold radiator of course, we can think of a way for overcoming blue son, danger of the snow hidden behind you have to prevent! Police tips: the first snow is the most dangerous! Old drivers here! These refer to the most dangerous road! Do not pick up the temperature of the bridge pavement has a layer of ice and snow film the most dangerous! The first snow is just snow, on the highway bridge and culvert, overpass ramp for ground temperature is very easy to form a layer of snow ice film, when the road you are still holding and other ground ice melting temperature had the same mentality and speed when driving, the film became "the ice rink, prone to accidents of vehicle sideslip. Many of these older drivers do not know: if the 1 piece of cloth together with the front windshield glass snowing night (tomorrow morning you will be very easy) 2 if the front windshield snow, some addition to the net, the wiper is not so strong, if you stop halfway through the wiper motor will be game over the 3 morning, regardless of whether there is a snow, started slowly, because the friction plate and the brake disc brake may have v相关的主题文章: