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Best 1 minutes! The Gorgon dipper play high ratings of jealousy Zhengshi Cao ass incarnation of Sina entertainment news SBS drama "the envy of the best embodiment discloses a minute. According to the ratings company Nielsen Korea records, 13 episode of SBS drama "jealous incarnation" 16 sets of capital circle rating was 12.9%. Especially on the day of the broadcast Nichols yuan (Gorgon dipper ornaments) injection to beat Li Huaxin (Cao Zhengshi) Ass Scene record the moment when the highest ratings record 15.3%. In addition, the main indicator of the relevant stakeholders in the advertising, 2049 ratings, the previous episode increased by 0.3P of the record of all advertising to complete the sale of 6.2%. SBS television said, "a positive response to jealousy incarnation" Episode 16 broadcast public DHC and love the Nellie Zhengyuan face, through the news and features to attract the apology Nellie Watson, "line of sight" especially even Inpac knows Hua Xinru adenocarcinoma of the secret, let us look forward to three people and how to develop ". Figure Xportsnews SBS (the commissioning editor: Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: