Autumn put on this coat, my sisters were warm to cry (video)

Autumn wear this coat, girl I have been crying since the warm autumn is about half a month, if you can come now to cover the prickly heat in the winter you have not a single product, not today and we say sweater? Of course, not to be with that gang fights, velvet I or less, to a slightly occasional – knit cardigan. Do not say you have the weather is hot, completely useless, I will tell you dressed in Guangzhou Xiao Bian now in the air-conditioned room on a piece of it! So you can not wear a dress, so with the office of the girls when the cold air conditioning can also show the love of colleagues, sisters minutes you warm. Now we have said knitting cardigan and smart casual together, it might not be necessary in the list of many people, but when people want to also carry handle fall fashion as in the last century, when in 60s 5, is the trendsetter favorite star. A fashionable "Park Shin Hye backpack" to teach you the second campus beauty back either before or now, wear sweaters will always give a person a kind of gentle elegant feeling, it is also a representative school style one of single product, and many universities will knit as school uniforms, and their school’s logo show in the left breast. So the academic atmosphere of a single product, Einstein lead a fast love learning style collocation, it is both academic temperament to play to the extreme. Although these years we mentioned in the annual explosion when knitting cardigan is not in the column, but it can on time appear in our sight, and so every year. Not just in life, will also appear in the list of the brand new series of timing in each of a few pieces of. "From left to right: Hermè s, TIMO WEILAND, Dsquared2; in fact it and we always say the necessary Tee shirt, jeans, what have the same characteristics, is practical and easy to take. But it has more shape, fabric, pattern changes, let us say "necessary" when it ignored it. If you want to say today is the most popular knit group, it should be the usual style of partial business casual men. They will often choose the pure fine knit style dress shirt collocation. The camel, gray, black and blue is their favorite color, because color is very quiet autumn wear to work is appropriate. Suede shoes and texture collocation male temperament could just fit, let people have a look like close around. If is the home of the white Tee, direct collocation a slightly looser fine knitting, Korean Obama can have both visual sense. The above said is frigid wind color collocation, but if adding some elements with striped knit cardigan own style, school immediately apparent wind. Because itself knit fabric is soft, style is gentle, if you want to make the last out of the effect of tough collocation, can take a denim shirt, you can instantly many partial leisure style. Wait until the time is too cold, then the thin knitted into a thick knit, style will be more intense. In fact, as long as the fine knit into a rough knitting, the kind of sense of flexibility and.相关的主题文章: