Author Akunin Russian literature lost 90% of its

Author Akunin: Russian literature has lost 90% of its influence [Abstract] Russian literature is no longer thinking about its closely related fields: philosophy, religion, economy. And this is the characteristic of Russian literature in nineteenth Century and in the year of twentieth Century." Tencent culture king Boris · who is a star; Kooning of Russia’s most popular best-selling book writer? Asked about this, many Russians would blurt out a name – Boris · a Kooning. The latter’s perennial "occupation" of the Russian bestseller list since 2000, it has sold 10 million copies. These novels are not soap operas, many of which are literary and historical. It can be said that in today’s Russian literary world, Boris · a is the most serious and serious writer, but also the most serious of the popular writer of the world, and the most serious writer of the world, and the most serious writer of the world. Boris ·, Kooning · book grigoli; Qi Hal G J Willy, born in 1956 in Ze Star Bonnie, georgia. His father is a military officer, had participated in the war, his mother is a teacher of russian. When he was two years old, his family moved to moscow. Graduated from the History Department of Moscow State University School of Oriental and African languages, he worked as a Japanese and English translation, Yukio Mishima will have the "Golden Temple" translated into russian. In 1998, a writer with "B· Akunin" (Bob · a pseudonym Kooning) published detective suspense novel "Winter Queen". This is a game of words — "Akunin" is a Japanese word "wicked" Russian transliteration, "B· Akunin" tone is a famous Russian anarchist in the name of Bakunin. Until then, the writer will be changed under the pseudonym Boris · Kooning (Boris Akunin). The background of the Winter Queen is a young man’s suicide in 1876. The protagonist in the book — detective Ella Stuart · young; Fang Doering, found Dutch act behind the case of international terrorist crimes. Since then, Kooning has introduced 13 of Doreen adventure series of novels. They all occurred in the late nineteenth Century to early twentieth Century. At that time, the trend of social revolution was high, and the activities of various underground organizations were frequent. They have a large Hollywood like entertainment elements, greatly welcomed by readers. Doreen party adventure series but did not reduce the profound degree of entertainment elements in Kooning’s Novels: a story of the hero Doreen never complete victory party. On the contrary, every case, he seems to have a life of despair. Even the murderer was eventually brought to justice, good and evil still well-matched in strength. The characters in the book are not black or white, but more in the gray area. In the forest adventure series, Kooning also wrote a nun to Pera Gia as the protagonist of the "village detective story" series, with the first World War as the background of the "death wine" series, the protagonist of the ancestors and grandson Duolin "master of adventure" series of detective suspense novels were well received. Although Kooning’s works have a very deep connection with history, he is typical.相关的主题文章: