Anny while watching the dog abuse show, this is definitely a wonderful fashion

Anny: watch dog abuse show, this is definitely the most exciting fashion week a I guess you must be my morning early yesterday, twitter (Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik combination) Versus Versace 2017 spring and summer clothing series show micro-blog gave a dog food to feed. In order to let the dog effect is better, I also secretly took a small video made of GIF for everyone to enjoy more intuitive, hey hey. (all together ten + Qingqingwowo abuse me for ten minutes, but they are too beautiful, I really want to choose the roll), whispering self-assured or supercilious smile is sweet, see next to Jessica Hart’s eyes, ha ha…… BTW, like Gigi’s style of dress, must not miss the show XiuGuan guest lineup is very strong, in addition to Twitter and sitting beside them supermodel Jessica Hart. There are cows supermodel Winnie Black Pearl Harlow Jourdan Dunn water Suki Waterhouse Immy real girl sister (now I really have to see it in the show), Versus Versace 2017 spring and summer clothing series show the opening Model is sister Bella Hadid, a All Black Look seat Piipi boots, and little smoke + wet hair styling debut. And I love the Stella Maxwell to the Victoria’s Secret Angels left the show. When I went to visit the backstage with her a lift in ~ of course also saw Bella in the background, she also like mostmodels came early to begin preparations for the background. Key words 1:Real Attitude season Versus from the beginning of the cut into the theme, still continues the consistent style of rock. The use of different fabrics, small leather with a loose belt Bra, leather jackets contrasted with   small pleated skirt, let All; Black has become a sense of hierarchy. Also, Bella on this pair of high waisted shorts triangle is a diving suit fabric. In addition to black, green, blue, tannins, these "gender ambiguity, color and fabrics, natural and ultimately. Strapless navel round hem dress, parachute nylon fabric made of "deformation" version of MA-1 coat, from the top to the silver zipper skirt, greatly enhance the degree of bold and sexy. Silver metal design seemingly ordinary single hole Ning suit also hidden under such "Mensao". Just a few days ago wrote the metallic color of fabric here must be cool girls review a wardrobe of an indispensable element in the Versus shows no less of their natural scenes. Keyword 2:Street Style, however, in a "public awareness" of the "cool" color, but completely unexpected out of a bright yellow. In fact, this year the orange line]相关的主题文章: