An exhibition of sculpture and painting

China International Art Gallery collection exhibition donated and situanwen sculpture and painting art exhibition China Art Museum exhibition opening in the audience China Art Museum exhibition of sculpture in the audience China Art Museum exhibition Sculpture Art Museum exhibition audience in the China sculpture art museum hosted by Chinese: "China and the west between situanwen (Anthony Stones) sculpture and painting art exhibition opened in China Art Museum in October 29th. The exhibition situanwen at different stages of the representative works of two hundred pieces of sculpture and painting, the exhibition is divided into Chinese and Western celebrities, drama myth, labor group, country style, drama of life, China love and religious buildings in seven parts, comprehensive display of the situanwen Mr. a warm and cordial feelings of Art, art style and art show the achievements of the situanwen. China art museum curator Wu Weishan wrote in the preface: "China gallery for British artist Ann Stuart (1934 -2016) exhibition aims to show a profound tradition of Western sculpture, but also has a great enthusiasm for the artists created by the results of China culture. He has made achievements in many fields of sculpture, painting and design, in the theory and practice of art creation, he from a Western perspective to research by scholars and artists Chinese, explore China philosophy and painting, especially a painting to Shi Tao ‘". In sculpture, he takes the character as the main object, the use of solid, accurate and full of subjective realism creation of intellectuals and ordinary workers, personal aesthetic tendency and aesthetic thought of sculpture sense of life; in the painting, good performance of religion, drama and daily life theme, records the life force moment supplement and highlight the sculpture. He created a number of works of art with amazing diligence and creativity, and his understanding of the world was accomplished by both the three-dimensional and the plane." Mr. Stuart was born in England in 1934, with Britain, Ireland and New Zealand nationality. A former British Royal sculptor Association academician, academician of the Royal Society of Arts, English portrait sculptor association chairman, won the Henry Moore research foundation, the Churchill art study fund and the British Society of portrait sculptors sculptors of the highest honor – silver medal. Since the beginning of 2001, situanwen engaged in cultural exchange activities, has served as honorary professor and visiting professor at the Nanjing University Art Research Institute of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts, Yunnan Arts University and many other art institutions, contribute to the education of China and the West exchange. Mr. Stuart love art, sculpture, painting and design in the creation of a large number of works of art, his art creation of a wide range of subjects, from celebrities to workers, from Notre Dame de Paris to Chinese bicycle lanes, both embody the concerns of life, to explore the world and self mining. At the exhibition, we will see Mr. Stuart "Darwin and Newton" theory of evolution "and" golden "life stage" "Royal horse" hundred years "Royal boat" hundred years at various stages of representative works. In.相关的主题文章: