Ali 4 employees ” single brush ” grab the moon cake was dismissed already through exit for visualboyadvance

Ali 4 employees " single brush " grab the moon cake was dismissed already through exit formalities yesterday, a "Ali programmers use loopholes brush single grab cakes was fired from the news sparked heated debate on the internet. It is understood that, in September 12th, Alibaba through the network for employees to the cost of sales price of moon cake, and the temporary development of an internal booking page. Subsequently, the 4 employees of the company’s security department to prepare the program brush, brush more than 124 boxes of moon cake, and was dismissed. Yesterday, the dismissal of 4 people, Alibaba responded that the move of the 4 employees, breach of duty, the use of tools to cheat the behavior touched the integrity of the red line". Currently, someone’s 4 employees have left. After the incident, claiming to be a member of the account posting, said he had experienced some of this". The staff said the afternoon of 12 spike after the moon cake activities began, he found the page can not grab grab, so wrote a JS (run in the browser scripting language) to participate in the brush". The staff explained in the post, the role of this code is: if the button becomes a "spike" on the (crazy) point, and then (using the program) to deal with the verification code. In the end, the employee took advantage of the program to grab 16 goods, but found that these goods are not paid. Subsequently, the staff called the company’s administrative department hopes to return. But that he be caught off guard "is in the afternoon, the relevant departments of the company, interviewed a number of employees and termination. After the incident triggered a lot of friends hot. It was said that someone else to use the program brush single practice is wrong, some people think that the company dismissed employees in violation of the relevant provisions of the labor law. On the afternoon of 13, the Alibaba company intranet seckill responded: moon cake event "for welfare considerations, the company decided to the administrative department of moon cakes will be one of the few remaining through the intranet to employees in the cost of sales, and developed a temporary internal booking page. In response, the domestic moon cake process, the company found that four staff members "by technical means of cheating, a total of more than 124 brush box of moon cakes", then the company made "they (employees) decided to leave the company". For the reasons for the dismissal, the response, said, security staff as defenders of the rules of the platform, contrary to the job duties, the use of tools to cheat the behavior of the integrity of the red line." In this regard, Beijing Kangda law firm Xiao Han lawyer said, "good faith or not related to labor law provisions of laws and regulations of the employer may unilaterally terminate the labor contract basis." Han Xiao added, "labor contract law" provisions of article thirty-ninth, the employee seriously violates the rules and regulations of the employer, the employer may terminate the labor contract. But in this case, the programmer’s behavior is a serious violation of the employer’s rules and regulations, depending on how the company’s internal rules and regulations. If the violation of good faith behavior of employees, clearly defined as a serious violation of the law, the company can be based on internal regulations and the relevant provisions of the labor law dismissed several employees. Conversely, if the company does not violate the integrity of the behavior of employees is a serious violation of the provisions of the company unilaterally terminate the labor contract.相关的主题文章: