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AHQ coach admits: J-Team is the biggest competitor to enter the LMS S6 regional trials will be a war today, AHQ team will be on the first day of the HKE team, trying to compete for the last 2016 finals of the world quota. Before the game, coach Backstairs (Beck) mentioned his view of the playoffs and general comments to us war trials. Q: Beck is behind the scenes in the playoffs, in the BP is how to do? A: I mainly discussed first and then end with Green Tea player with the integration of opinion, but BP’s ultimate goal is nothing more than let the opponent get uncomfortable, let yourself get comfortable, all coaches will be together to implement the principles of deduction. Q: what’s the head coach going to give a bit of AHQ’s performance in the second days of the playoffs? A:65 points bar. There are a few responses to slow down, the results of the exercise is not fully reflected. I think the lightning wolf regardless of the selected angle and play are very regular, it is lightning wolf type game, even if they come up with a thousand Jue is not contrary to expectation, can only say that BP and coping is too bad. Q: in addition to the content of the game, the most intense discussion of the playoffs on the network is the psychological quality of players, in this regard AHQ in the game is in what state? A: psychological quality is a very mysterious thing, AHQ played so many games, not to lose the game will be low, the key is to see how to lose. The third day after the field actually has little effect, while the fourth is losing have changed something, after all, lose a bit desperate, but low to low, from the content of the game, I don’t think this will have a decisive impact on the players technical performance. AHQ makes people feel bad, mostly because the player is not good enough, but the player’s game performance is not so easy to be affected by psychological factors. Fifth lose some serious errors or fast we selection. Q: after the game, a lot of people are concerned about the status of the Chawy, can you please explain the team Beck in the decision of the players the most important consideration? A: determine the way the team lineup is actually the team’s record considerations, standing on the team’s position, who is suitable for the current version, who is better competitive state let him play. Q:AHQ team gives the impression has been very imposing, you are in each other when they are also like to go straight forward, this will make it difficult for you to say to encourage each other? A: "gas" and "hold" these words will still say, but not more. There are some things we say it will become very funny, warm words also need talent. Recently, it’s time to train them to say something to boost morale, such as when you’re doing a good job or killing someone, and give them a NICE! "But the effect does not seem very good, just when the training match teammate lost, but Andy shouted nice, I was thinking about this matter should not continue. Q: do you have a different mood for you, under the guidance of the stage and on the BP? Table A: you have to continue to figure out your opponent for 60 seconds, decided you can lineup, Taiwan)相关的主题文章: