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After Trump was elected president of technology CEO to appease employees in the past few years, from start-ups to large enterprises, Silicon Valley technology companies have been trying to improve the diversity of their employees, rather than the opposite. At the same time, they also need to be very professional and technical personnel, and through H1B (special professional temporary work visa) plans to recruit talent from around the world. Silicon Valley technology company CEO has been lobbying Washington to increase the number of visas issued each year. President elect Donald Trump (Donald Trump) has threatened to abolish the H1B visa program. He also made a number of statements that are not conducive to unity in Mexico, Muslim and other ethnic groups. He also vowed to expel illegal immigrants on a large scale, and the immigration of extreme strict background checks". It seems that he wanted to say religious and social beliefs of immigrants in the United States and tourists. President Trump has made many Silicon Valley employees, whether Americans or immigrants, worry about their future and their own security. This makes the CEO of Silicon Valley technology companies have to spend some time to appease their employees, and threatened if anyone to Trump as president of the threat of employees, they will be dismissed. Clear support of diverse staff (Travis Katz) Travis Katz is responsible for the development of tourism Gogobot application startup CEO. He said he had never seen the United States after the presidential election will appear like this reaction. He started as an economist at the world bank, and later entered the technology industry, as the international business manager at the time of its most powerful MySpace. "In my company, people are very diverse. I hired immigrants, Jews, women, homosexuals, Asians, Indians, Muslims in Arabia and whites." He said, "I have been on my staff stated yesterday I had talked about this, as a white CEO, I don’t support racism, I do not agree with misogyny, I do not believe that women should be different from men’s treatment, I don’t think it should be better than the white black treatment. Employees get a guarantee that I’ll be CEO, and they’ll feel safe to work here." As in many parts of the United States, people still have an instinctive fear in Silicon Valley. Trump specifically mentioned Silicon Valley CEO and companies are bad example." Katz said. This includes Amazon, apple and H1B signed plans to recruit employees. CEO, a number of technology companies, expressed their views on the results of the presidential election. For example, HP CEO Meg Whitman (Meg Whitman) has been very opposed to the separatist remarks published during the election campaign, Mr Trump. Now, she wants her staff to give Trump a chance to prove herself. The prohibition of discrimination of hate speech act or other CEO, such as ordering the search engine company GrubHub CEO (Matt Maloney), Matt Maloney was on his staff, Trump during the campaign, the behavior is not tolerated. He wrote:)相关的主题文章: