AC Milan coach in a row to thank the Japanese God of heaven inspired him-noiseware

AC Milan Coach: Thank God the king of Japan wins ball inspired by Montella revealed he win behind sina sports fun AC Milan 1-0 to win the home court to achieve a four game winning streak, the winning goal was scored by bonaventura. But coach Montella revealed after the game, the ball Bonaventura inspired by teammate Honda Keisuke. A direct free kick Bonaventura beyond all expectations, he chose to stick to the wall when the jump shot, will be caught off guard. This goal is very close to the ground like Ronaldinho free kick, but not his teacher but Honda teammate ronaldinho! Bonaventura from Honda learned that after Montella in an interview said that the ball’s story: "a few days ago, we exercise in the training set was defense, Honda Keisuke is playing the offensive player, in the face of our defense when he scored a goal, apparently also learned bonaventura." In addition, the Baka was off for Adriano, his face seemed to be unhappy, and Montella also clap some emotions in the face, Montella said: "I don’t pay much attention to this, I have seen worse. I’ll see tomorrow Baca whether some words to say to me, I have no problem. We need to praise Adriano. He works very hard. Chewbacca do his own work, although some chance he could have handled better." (Jane)相关的主题文章: