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A man only right to use the car 4S shop only to key   certificate and bank – Heilongjiang channel — people.com.cn original title: man a car only right of use: 4S shop only to key certificate and Bank Secret: Car certificate mortgaged to the bank, once the capital chain is broken by the consumers lawyer: not to provide consumers with certificates in violation of the "consumer protection law" one who lives in the South Bank of the Chongqing morning news, Mr. Fang recently encountered a wonderful thing, all the money to buy a car, the car without any problems, but ownership does not belong to him. The reason is that the 4S store will be certified to the bank mortgage, and only gave him a key. Buyer: a car only to a key? October 2nd, Mr. Fang in a KIA 4S shop in Nan’an District, spent 120 thousand yuan purchase of a new KIA K3 sedan, agreed in October 6th to mention cars. Results in the process of handling the car, 4S shop to inform Mr. Fang, can only give him a car key. Why can only give a car keys when Mr. Fang asked the reason, 4S shop staff said that another car keys and car certification in the bank, said to wait for the bank to get to work. That Mr. Fang some fantastic, he is all the money to buy the car, no car loans, why should be mortgaged to the bank? Mr. Fang suspected that there was a trick, according to the 4S shop to the bank phone call in the past. After consulting the bank staff, Fang learned that he bought the car as early as the car to the shop, it has been mortgaged to the bank. In other words, at present, only the right to use the car, ownership or in the bank. According to Mr. Fang said, he also met in the 4S shop a few months ago to full payment, has not yet got the spare keys and certificates of car buyers, we have reservations for owners to reflect this situation to the industrial and commercial administration of Nan’an district. 4S shop: this situation is very normal according to Mr. Fang’s view, the Chongqing morning news reporter dialed the 4S store phone. The other said that this phone is a service call, Mr. Fang should consult the sales department. Then the reporter called the store sales department phone, but no one answered. The shop is not willing to disclose the name of the staff said that this situation is the industry’s open secret, and no big deal. As to why this occurs, the other party is not clear. Insiders: Certificate mortgaged to the bank, improve capital utilization of Mr. Liu as sales in another auto 4S shop in Nanping, according to him to inform, car dealers mention cars from manufacturers, manufacturers will be dispensed with car certificate. Vendors in order to improve the utilization of funds, or do not have enough money to buy a one-time need for the car, the certificate will be mortgaged to the bank to obtain loans. Seemingly multi profit, but the risk is not small. Once the seller is funding strand breaks, the consequences will be paid for by consumers." Liu said that consumers pay car purchase fee, the seller will return the money to the bank, thereby thawing certificate. Liu also said that this approach is an open secret car sales industry. A lawyer should be Car Buying weapon: consumers require businesses to provide certificate of weight)相关的主题文章: