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A man in love with a flat-share female roommate is not a confession oil burning house (Figure) female roommate Shenzhen news network flat-share fell in love with the scene, that is not successful, Baoan a man angry, even a bottle of rapeseed oil poured on the carpet lit. Recently, the man was summoned to the police station area, still bad attitude, refused to admit. At present, the man was sentenced to criminal detention. October 26th at 1:47, Baoan Public Security Bureau Xixiang police station received a police intelligence, the police said his residence was arson. After receiving the alarm, Xixiang police fire station and case police team immediately rushed to the police who live in a community of Xixiang street, room 904, thanks to the police to the police quickly, Mao is also very alert, the rental on the carpet. The fire was quickly extinguished, without causing major casualties and property losses. Police station of Mao and the flat-share Yang summoned to the police station for further investigation, after a joint investigation into fire police and police team was informed of the case, alarm and Yang Mao told flat-share in a set of two bedroom rental, Yang Mao on a liking to the profession, Mao. They may not be called male and female friends, hope Yang Mouguang to give up, and before Yang birthday gift a scarf and a pen returned to yang. Yang refused the mood is very bad, angry Yang went to the kitchen to pick up the rapeseed oil, and returned to the house after a whole bottle of oil is poured on the carpet, and then took out a lighter lit carpet soaked with rapeseed oil. Suspects Yang was summoned to the police station, the attitude is still very bad, did not recognize their own behavior has violated the criminal law, for their illegal acts refused to recognize. The case of police team and fire police Tongli investigation, the suspect Yang in Guangdong city of Shenzhen province Baoan District Xixiang street community room 904 on the facts of the crime, a suspect’s confession and defense, witness testimony, evidence and other evidence, conclusive evidence cannot be denied. Yang’s actions violated the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" article 114th, on suspicion of arson, according to the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" article eightieth (a) of the regulations, according to the Xixiang police station criminal suspects Yang criminal detention to somewhere. (reporter correspondent Cui Xiaodan Liang Qinqiang)相关的主题文章: