A fragrant bubble tree caused by cross century grievances through mediation to resolve the knot 3344111

A fragrant bubble tree caused by cross century grievances through mediation to resolve a tree knot fragrant bubble tree, triggered a neighborhood grudges two people from the last century began in 70s. 40 years later, in the Qujiang District People’s court presided over the mediation mediation center, the cross century fragrant bubble tree. Finally, effectively resolve. Hu Moujia and Hu Mouyi are Qujiang District pumice Street villagers, two houses are close together. 40 years ago, Hu Mouyi at the door of a house, from Hu wall about 1.5 meters where planted a fragrant bubble tree, a few years later, the tree is tall, more than a Hu houses, many branches gradually extended to cover or touch the part of a roof tile Hu home, some tiles were broken contact therefore, the two sides dispute. The local village cadres have dozens of organizations mediation, even reached an agreement, but in the end did not achieve practical results. November 4, 2016, Hu Xiang Qujiang District People’s court to bring a civil action, Hu Hu ruled out the need to rule out the fragrant branches and damages 1200 yuan. The case was then directed to the Qujiang court home Mediation Center for processing. The admissibility of the case in the afternoon, judge Chai Hongwei, Weng Aiguo and the people’s mediators two officers rushed to the scene in the dispute, pumice Street cadres and local village cadres under the help of the infringement investigation branch fragrant bubble, camera fixed the relevant evidence, then convene the parties for discussion and mediation. Through the relevant legal explanation and to the case, a knot between Hu and Hu Mouyi gradually loosened, the parties reached a settlement agreement, agreed each year by the village cadres to prevent a roof trim Hu and Hu fragrant bubble tree, a revision of tiles Hu B no longer interfere. In the afternoon, the judge, the people’s mediation presided over the witness, the village cadres to climb the roof of a Hu, excluding the trim extend up to the roof of the fragrant bubble tree.相关的主题文章: