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A double win Botero Cup final Cilic and Dodig 2-1 the Argentina Cilic to celebrate sina sports news Beijing time on November 27th, the 2016 Davis Cup final of the men’s doubles competition between Croatia team and Argentina team. Croatia sent a team of experts with the strongest singles doubles match with Dodig Hinrich, 7-6 (2) 7-6 (4) 6-3 three straight sets victory over Del Botero and Meijer, made the 2-1 lead for Croatia. Argentina ranked second in the world, the world’s top fifth in Croatia, the team has been in the world for nearly ten years in the forefront of the men’s tennis team in the top two. Taking into account the strength of the two teams closer, second doubles is likely to become the winner of this year’s hand. Croatia has been ranked doubles in fourth Dodig, overall slightly larger than the face. The first game in Croatia by the combination of the first tee, they faced a break point in the third inning, but scored three points to reverse the hair. Botero and Meijer have a chance to break out of the closing, two pairs of combinations to grab seven victory, SIRIC 5-1 lead combination switch, and small to 7-3 before the next city. The second disc Cilic and Dodig completed the first break in the third inning, but in the eighth bureau to split after they also lost two points, opponents break back to 4-4 flat. Since then the two sides made their own hair again into the grab seven. In the first eight minutes after the battle to 4-4 Ping, Croatia combination even scored points to 7-4 to expand the score to 2-0. Into the third set of Argentina combination escaped a break point in the fourth, but the sixth game 0-40 sent three break points again. After a save, they still don’t break the fate of 2-4 behind an impasse. And Dodig did not let the opportunity slip away, they managed to keep the next two serve, to win the game, to help the home team scored a crucial point. (small tea)相关的主题文章: