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More than 70 activities "and Beijing" unveiled yesterday by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of culture, sponsored by the Beijing animation and game industry alliance and the Beijing branch of the Department of Finance Culture Communication Co., hosted the fifth Beijing animation "that will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center on September 15th to 17. The fifth session of the "Beijing animation" series of activities will include the forum, new products and new technology exhibition, carnival, golden wings award, CGL Beijing division finals, animation concerts and performances of six plates content more than 70 interactive activities. Among them, the animation game carnival, by the display sales class, interactive class, the experience of the three plates. The festival will organize nearly 30 fans, clubs and activities to attract popular animation games and support the development of animation and game industry audience. The Summit Forum includes: China pan Entertainment Summit Forum, the game Roundtable forum, animation Roundtable, VRAR Roundtable forum, etc.. China electronic game Super League finals held in Beijing Wanda Plaza in Tongzhou on September 16th. Animation Beijing will be located at the venue of the Tongzhou Wanda Plaza competition venue, and in 17, the National Convention Center in the main venue of the awards ceremony held. In addition, the grand "ancient code" – heart Ji · the bird’s nest concert cum 2016 China wind wind music festival strong landing Beijing bird’s nest. Guests include Dong Zhen, Qi ran, Ann nine, Xiao Yi, love, such as the famous singer of the two dimension of the. Network novel super IP drama "I want closure days" is the debut. "The wing Award" will also be during the selection of enterprises, animation, games, VR AR and other pan Entertainment Awards 40. Relevant person in charge of the press conference revealed that during 12th Five-Year, Beijing animation game industry continued to show explosive growth, with an average annual growth rate of 20% to 30%. 2015 Beijing animation game output value reached 45 billion 500 million yuan, accounting for the country’s total output value of more than 1/3 of the national film box office. With exports amounting to 5 billion 870 million yuan, ranking first in the country. Incomplete statistics in the first half of 2016, some listed companies (more than a dozen) of the output value of the animation game has reached 20 billion yuan, compared with the same period last year, the fastest growth reached an average of between 50% and 60%.相关的主题文章: