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Arts-and-Entertainment The highly-favored Twilight Saga novels have be.e extremely popular as film adaptations. The third, Eclipse, will be in theaters June 2010; the fourth, Breaking Dawn, will have about a year’s time in between, releasing sometime in 2011. While many have read the books, some are only aware of the story through these movies. Here is the final synopsis, spoilers included! New Moon ends with vampire Edward proposing marriage to mortal Bella because he won’t change her into a vampire, her goal, until they’re married. Eclipse is the more violent book with an actual battlefield episode included; Breaking Dawn, however, begins with the two getting married soon after their high school graduation. After the wedding, the couple fly to a private island owned by the Cullens to enjoy a honeymoon. Although the author, Stephenie Meyer, doesn’t go into detail, what happens with the newlyweds is implied; these suspicions are later confirmed when Bella dramatically realizes that she’s pregnant. The two hurry home to the care of Dr. Cullen. The pregnancy is anything but normal since the child is half mortal and half vampire; Bella has yet to be turned. Her pregnancy is rapidly occurring as well as physically abusing Bella with bruises and extreme morning sickness. They finally realize why the baby is rejecting all food when Bella craves something new: blood. Up until this point, the story is told from Bella’s perspective, as usual. However in the middle part of the book, Jacob, Bella’s best friend and a werewolf, takes over for a while. This section is ridden with depression as Jacob deals with his loss of Bella to his enemy, Edward. Among his sulking, he pulls away from the pack to create his own with an outcast brother and sister team. The remaining couple of weeks in the pregnancy also .e from Jacob; the birthing .es on suddenly as the baby literally begins forcing a way out of Bella. Due to an enormous blood loss, Bella is nearing death; Edward finally injects venom into her veins to turn her, and the transformation begins. To conclude Jacob’s portion, his ‘imprint’ on the baby, a girl deemed Renesmee, is described; basically it’s a love at first sight ordeal with Bella’s daughter. The final third of the book is told from Bella’s perspective again, but now everything is different. She’s a vampire, and the readers are given their first glimpse into a vampire’s thoughts. While on a hunt with the quickly growing Renesmee, another vampire sees the child from a distance and thinks she is a threat to their kind. The Volturi, the vampiric government, are alerted and arrive soon after at the scene to investigate with an intent of disposing the child. The Cullen clan, with somewhat reluctant assistance from the werewolves, prove the mortality and innocence of Renesmee. Once convinced, the Volturi leave the Cullen family to live peacefully. Until the end of this book, Edward and Bella’s romance are ridden with .plications. Although they finally get their happy ending, the couple seem to pass this torch of trials down to their daughter and her future with Jacob. Fans worldwide have already begun to anticipate the portrayal of this final book on the screen; putting this part of the story into a visual medium will no doubt be a challenge, but the finished product is sure to be a smashing success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: