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Vacation-Rentals The next best thing to getting married is the honeymoon. No in-laws, no catering decisions, no which invite looks good, all you need is the suitcases, the tickets and the exotic and stunning getaway which is the Seychelles. Honeymooners can relax and enjoy the bliss fulfilment of married in this oasis paradise set in the Indian Ocean with an array of gorgeous coral. The island of Mahe is vivacious heart of the 118 archipelagos, which form the Seychelles. Couple the breathtaking location with a beautiful, world-class romantic hotel or enjoy the .forts of one of many Creole guesthouses along the beaches. Visit the different locations from Victoria to the south to places like Takamaka, and Anse Royale. Indulge in Creole cuisines and the taste the locally brewed drinks like Bacca which is made from sugar cane or Kaloo (a syrup from the coconut tree) if you are so incline to have a go. Seychelles has long been dubbed the islands of love – a place where romance is as natural as the breeze gently blowing the trees making them sway in dance and with grace. A place was honeymooners can keep the flame of love a blaze. Seychelles is also home to the unique, Valle de Mai which is yet another wonder to the beauty of the islands. With its diversity of tradition, culture and its people it is a place of harmony and true beauty. Honeymooning in a place as sensual as the islands, a place claimed by some as the original site of the Garden of Eden is an unforgettable breath taking experience. A place of serene beauty, with a leisurely pace set for the idyllic holiday. The Creole cuisine is filled with aromas that make the mouth water and the senses delirious with each flavour that bust on to the tongue with every bite. Seychelles holds the key to your dreams, dreams that are made as natural as the waves caressing the shores of a secret cove at midnight with a full moon guarding its entrance. Enjoy a day cruise along the north coast of Mahe, aboard the traditional Dutch-built schooners. Be wild take public transport and visit remote secluded beaches or hire a car. Snorkel alongside a whale shark (during season) dive with the shark or an eagle ray, .e be captivated by the under water world that is the Seychelles. The boat was later redesigned and refitted in the early 1900s. A sunset cruise on one of these fine ladies in all you need to the crown your honeymoon, with a sunset of orange and gold flames lighting the sky and setting the mood. .e sit and watch the stars shine and act as your chandelier for the evening, be enthralled by rising moon with its fullness and it ability to cast spells that enchant the hearts of those in love or watch the sunset with arrays of colours. .e savour a scrumptious banquet of grilled red snapper marinated in spices, chilli and garlic, a barbeque of chicken, prawns and fish covered in honey and sauce. Sip red wine while gazing at the stars cuddled together on deck, as you glide towards dreams which in the Seychelles are reality. Millions of people experience a vacation, but how many vacations are really experiences? Make your honeymoon in the Seychelles exactly that; an experience. Chose one of our honeymoon packages and let your journey through married life begin in the nicest memorable way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: