Sichuan’s first run group white paper to open the runners of the secret-caxa实体设计

Sichuan’s first run group "white paper" opened the runners "secret" run on behalf of the group of Sichuan one of the first "white paper" ran group runners who opened the "secret" at the awards ceremony, sina Sichuan chief editor Mr. Deng Kai exclusive release of the Sichuan area’s first run group "white paper", vivid analysis the characteristics and exercise habits of Sichuan people run group. Survey report shows that in the running in the crowd, 47.32% are "single Wang", which accounted for more than single women; in terms of gender, Sichuan group ran male runners up to 62.41%, 37.59% for women; in the running frequency, 65.88% runners will be 2-3 times a week training run, more than 7 runners the mileage 5-10 km; nearly 3 of the runners will participate in the annual 1-2 marathon; 7 runners, night running has become a habit of them; more than half of the run, spend a year in the purchase of sports equipment on funds of 5000 yuan…… The above data are from nearly a hundred head of the brigade and nearly ten thousand people run online survey, true and effective. From the white paper learned that most people do not run to lose weight, but for health. With the development of economy, people’s material life level has been continuously improved, and more attention has been paid to the healthy and active life style. Running the low threshold, convenient fitness movement, has also been recognized and loved, more and more people to join the race team, has climbed to run investment, running industry is booming.相关的主题文章: