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"Anger" Heroes "phone glasses have the child is father of the man" tie play anger hero _30 > > > click on the video to watch "Tencent, Tencent’s anger hero" entertainment legend drama "pin poison fury hero" is the popular hit, director Mao Weining’s "hard power", Wang Lei, Deng Jiajia, Huo Zhengyan starring Jo Jo, good acting, the story of ups and downs, stirring pin poison, the audience has become a hot topic. The details of the decision quality, "anger hero" is a good example of this: full time telephone, different roles of wearing glasses, and the actors to wear ties have been carefully designed, some experts pointed out that the "Heroes" in anger "every tree and Bush is play." "Anger" hero pin poison thrilling exquisite design highlight series charm of the Japanese invaders expanded ambitions, Yuan Jia brothers repeatedly duel, escalating pin poison of Shanghai battle, "fury hero" story has entered a white hot stage. In the fate of the characters to attract the audience of the play at the same time, the details of praise. Whether it is full of artistic temperament girl Wan Xue Ning apartment, barber shop or summary Pakistan bright and open, whether it is the atmosphere of luxury mansion, still full of dirty plot of the Japanese stronghold. According to the story, according to the role of the character set a variety of places, scenes, are constantly in addition to the "anger hero", but also successfully demonstrated the unique charm of a good TV drama. "The child is father of the man" at all over the phone glasses tie is the play can see the pattern works pay attention to important points, and the overall strength, small heart, show the spirit is making the attitude of excellence and strict in demands, reflect to perfect every detail, is "the most prominent local hero" anger. The vanity of the inflated. When wearing a suit, wearing a variety of patterns of gold tie, which showed a nuanced character. As Japan’s Boss, the principle of multiple choice stone dark tones, a simple pattern of the tie, its dark, wily remarkable character. Guan Shuang "Prodigal" belongs to my uncle wearing sunglasses a little older rich men’s sons, more prominent in his cynical, regained consciousness. Grandpa, dark round sunglasses, not only let people look more deep, connotation, also increased the mystery story. In addition, antique telephone play, painting, flower placed in different places, even Xue Wanning is ready for Yuan Ye toiletries, are making collocation, designed, so the intentions of the "Heroes" anger can not be loved by the audience, not by the industry recognition.相关的主题文章: