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Guangzhou’s acting fair into a booth Culture Exhibition – China News Agency, Guangzhou, September 2 (Wang Hua) 2016 China (Guangzhou) International Performing Arts Fair (hereinafter referred to as the fair) opened on the 2 day. This year the Convention does not set up a traditional booth, a booth culture exhibition, and for the first time opened online transactions. This session will be held from September 2nd to 4 at the Guangzhou Grand Theatre, a total of more than and 200 domestic and foreign performing arts organizations to participate in the period will be held in the China International Drama forum 2016. This year’s Fair has three highlights: around the city and drama theme drama forum, no booths for online fairs, and strive to build a platform for cultural creativity and financial investors. It is understood that the forward intersection of bold innovation, to cancel the booth of transactions, customers can save nearly half of funds; "the Internet trading platform Internet plus arts performing arts industry development plan. The speech on the meeting, the first national showbiz Internet trading platform – "speech exchange" will try to run on the line, for the domestic and international economic institutions, theater troupes build communication and trading network platform, to achieve all-weather performing communication and trading. Guangzhou Grand Theatre Dean Zhang Yu said, usually to exhibitors booking booth, booth layout experience and other processes, but also after the dismantling, transportation and logistics. As long as the current session through the phone, iPad, the computer can search the site address, open the APP can be traded, but also on the Internet for each drama evaluation. (end)相关的主题文章: