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"Number one" Jimmy Lin Cecilia Cheung with surprise box. Sina racing entertainment news the first file construction style comedy "number one surprise" in November 20th shock launch, second firepower, tonight at 22 Gary, the incarnation of Jimmy Lin "surprise client send surprise friends Gloria Tang, Cecilia Cheung. Hurricane Gary acting strength interpretation of "ape chase", at the same time make friends believe Gloria Tang could not Tucao "how foolish you are!?" Jimmy Lin sent the "Wulitou many brother" driver, Cecilia Cheung laughing, Wei Daxun and open the brain hole cast organ surgery ", with a candle light dinner for the lonely urban comers to warm the heart of surprise. Gary cross when the actor strength deduction "ape chase" Gary’s vocals already known, a "betrayal" is regarded as the touchstone class singer will sing. But the audience did not understand his acting. 22 "tonight’s surprise" he will be a "hidden" years of acting, and a "Gorilla" (actually played by an actor) accidentally meet, and staged a wonderful "an ape chasing" war. According to the program group said, initially some worried about Gary because of lack of acting out, but did not expect during the filming of his way acting bursting, even very familiar with Gary Gloria Tang did not doubt, Gary is in impatient concerns, Gary accidentally let himself into the "dilemma", "how impatient Tucao stupid!?" Cecilia Cheung without a fight back bluntly: we lost many brother behavior dumbfounding in the early years of the two co "speed angel", Jimmy Lin found that Cecilia Cheung not only not good, the speed of the car more love. After a lapse of five years, Jimmy Lin with "surprise Guardian" He Jiong once again invited Cecilia Cheung to battle racing, and designed a series of comic surprise for the unexpected, but Cecilia Cheung is in the testing process for fear of his son, also did not play on drums, bluntly: we lost. Surprise is far more than these, the program group is arranged to have a "Wulitou many brother" driver in the driving process, continue to make some fantastic behavior, full make her laugh and cry! How does Cecilia Cheung deal with the dumb brother driver? And whether she can successfully complete Jimmy Lin carefully planned surprise? Tonight at 22 "number one surprise" with you to witness the same! Wei Daxun open the brain hole cast organ surgery "warm candlelight dinner on Sunday night. The city’s" surprise "premiere, Wang Jiaer and Zhang Dada as the left-behind children sent to the surprise that many people forget even wet eyes, and in this program, the letter and Wei Daxun will be sent to the surprise candlelight dinner for the lonely the urban night Xi, their brain hole wide open, and even the use of the organ surgery"! In order to make the "candlelight dinner" surprise enough warm letter and Wei Daxun can be described as the brains open the brain hole in the middle of the night, the canteen designed a hidden but beautiful spot compartments, layout of "half a" candlelight dinner scene. When night falls, Wei Daxun and simply pulling the organs, can let alone eat urban comers and own a candlelight dinner, as they sent a warm and pleasant surprise. (commissioning editor: rice)相关的主题文章: