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Harry Potter 8 Chinese version in October, Taobao has pirated copies of Taobao website screenshot. Global attention, "Harry · Potter" series eighth "·,, and the cursed child" (English version) in July 31st in the global market in. Let the reader China. Chinese version will also be published by people’s Literature Publishing House, and officially launched on October 29th. However, the first day has not yet arrived, the book is still in the pre-sale, Taobao has been a large number of outflow of the so-called "Harry · and the children of the curse of the Chinese book" (hereinafter referred to as "8") spot on the spot (). The day before the people’s Literature Publishing House (hereinafter referred to as the human agency) Taobao infringement matters notice, and held the rights briefing. As of press time, these books are still involved in infringement on the shelf, Taobao book sales for the lack of critical or critical review. The first genuine "pirated books market" Taobao "in the" 8 Kazakhstan "product pictures. As in the taobao.com page input "Harry · Potter and the children of the damned" or "Harry Potter 8 Chinese version of the spot, you will find a lot of sales links, with more" domestic exclusive debut "Chinese original" "packaged" and "absolute" genuine "limited number" and "single" slogan. Humanities and social planning department director Song Qiang said, these books cover from the original "Ha 8" and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" · two of the synthesis, inconsistent with the original book, which can determine the sale spot books are pirated. Sales of pirated books stores mainly concentrated in Shanghai and Guangdong, the book is divided into hardback and two, priced from 28 yuan to 78 yuan. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 100 stores in Taobao sales of pirated ha 8, which has sold the largest number of thousands of copies. "Harry · Potter Wang Ruiqin of the view series of commissioning editor for this batch of illegal publications samples, the translation errors, such as the first seven volumes of the names of translation errors, some sentences is extremely unintelligible, paper is also very rough. Some books cover color distortion serious, follows the first seven books of the Chinese version of the font, but the crown on the unwarranted "Commemorative Edition". Some of the translators signed "Ma, Ma Aixin" is not accurate translator information. Some cover and spine press signed lack of character, the "people’s Literature Publishing House" printed "people literature press". Some copyright page information, is a complete copy of the humanities and social · "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"; the English version. The pirated book back. Because the pirated books in front of the same character names are not consistent, press these English version of the first series of judgment, criminals by the organization than translation, then hurry to sell, or print. Sales of pirated books, Taobao and shops are responsible for Taobao customer service chats. The September 22nd issue of humanity and social researchers found that in the existing sales monitoring "8 Kazakhstan" pirated Taobao, the next day in written form (mail, express) notify the taobao.com legal department to immediately stop the sale of illegal publications, and provide all the allegedly infringing store accurate information and contact information to the human agency. On the same day, the human rights agency published an infringement on the public.相关的主题文章: