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Get on the bus! Teach you how to install the bedside lamp bedside lamp?? buy?? 1, lighting quality?? when buying a bedside lamp, the first to see the quality of the fixture itself. The lampshade is usually made of glass, parchment, and the like. Mainly to see the light shade is appropriate, suitable for low surface brightness diffusing material and the surface of the lampshade, pattern and color should correspond with the overall style of the bedroom, not too bright in color, soft tones. Also check whether the corrosion resistance of the metal is good, the color and luster is bright and full is an important indicator of quality inspection. 2, the brightness of the light???? in general, bedside lamp with light soft as well, the degree is less than 60 watts. In addition to select different types according to the requirement of the installation of the bedside lamp, for example: the bedroom small words with a single head lamp, the room large enough with double wall; large space can choose some thick wall; on the other hand, choose some light. ?? 3, practical performance?? can choose suitable bedside lamp dimming lamp, so you can adjust when reading is bright, adjusted in fall asleep the soft dim, so as not to affect sleep, especially some girls can’t sleep especially need dark light adjustable bedside lamp. Of course, if it is a double bed, should choose the dimming switch to a bedside lamp, this time in reading other people without the interference of light. A final note is the best choice for the light bulb has a protective cover of the bedside lamp, which can prevent the occurrence of danger. Bedside lamp???? 1, bedside lamp installation height of wall and ground 1.5m~1.7m is preferred;?? 2, bedside lamp singled out from the wall, about 95 ~ 400mm. ?? Bedside lamp installation position?? 1, the need for bedside lamp wires?? the installation position of bedside lamp is generally in the bed of the above, the middle of a double wall generally or on both sides of each one, two. But be warned, if in the decoration did not set aside the wires on the wall, it is best not to choose wall lamp bedside illumination. Because the wall is often installed in the middle position on the wall, no wiring, need according to the wall at the position on the wall to pull a wire, so that smooth wall is not beautiful. ?? 2, bedside lamp switch should be within reach?? regardless of the choice of bedside lamp to consider whether to switch and adjust the lamp. If the switch is not let a person lying on the bedside lamp when the hand can touch it, just want to be sleepy straws when the lights, again big difficulty for the switch or adjust the brightness, so sleep probably There is not much left..相关的主题文章: