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"The first lesson" national heritage "the ancestors of the flag – entertainment channel," on the first lesson "set off a ratings climax last night, CCTV jointly launched by the Ministry of education and the brand program" on the first lesson "in the CCTV broadcast channel. This festival has attracted much attention outside the classroom has been accompanied by the national primary and middle school students have gone through nine years, this year is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Long March, the long march spirit under the guidance of "first class" from a unique perspective, to bring a vivid and meaningful "open ceremony for the national primary and middle school students". Another ratings boom "on the first lesson" become the school season "Spring Festival" on the first day of school, and parents were sitting in front of the TV or about a buddy to keep in front of the TV, "the first lesson" launch, has become a habit of the teenagers, seemed to become a school season "Spring Festival gala". In order to create a better quality of the classroom, the first lesson of the school from the stage design to program music, program planning are quite mind. In the context of the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army under the program group for the National Youth invited to the digital witnessed the long march of the old red army. Those who thought it would only exist in the book on the story, in the program by the predecessors who carefully. It is understood that this year, the first lesson of the ratings again high, as high as 2.93%, CCTV is the highest reception in addition to the Spring Festival evening. Took the banner of national heritage of the spirit of the long march veterans "on the first lesson" launched for veterans took on 1 September for banner activities in the whole society, carry forward the long march "faith belief and courage, unremittingly, never yield in spite of reverses" spirit. Launched just a few hours, He Jiong, TFBOTYS, jeek Toshihaya, Li Yifeng, Phoenix legend, Jia Nailiang, Li Xiaolu, Ping, Wu Lei, Huang Xuan, Jiang Xin, Jordan Chan, Reno Wang, Dongyu Zhou, Yan Ni, Wei Daxun and other stars to participate in, read the topic of fighting a rapid breakthrough 300 million days later, the discussion amounted to 600 thousand times the single micro-blog produced dozens of hot topics! The program for the first lesson of topic discussion cumulative amount of reading over 800 million, amounted to about 1500000 times the program exceeded 1 billion 100 million double topic reading. At the same time, the topic is with the program on the first lesson of topic for both on micro-blog hot topic and second overall standings, ranked first in the new media, set off a tribute to veterans, the inheritance of the spirit of the long march boom! In addition to "history" and "music class", "the first lesson of the school" also launched under the "first class" as the theme of the collection of works of the manual, for the children to bring a manual". In the theme "first class", the works submitted a rainbow birthday cake, rubber stamp, music box, blankets, painting and other works, and fully mobilize the National Teenagers "hands-on" enthusiasm, improve their creativity and imagination. During the broadcast, the "first class" has become a hot search keywords on micro-blog hot search list, with the broadcast of the show, ranking time before, until the program aired after the end of the "first class" is only on micro-blog hot search list. The formation of a "universal biography"相关的主题文章: