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Zhang Aijia’s "love each other" green – Sohu is expected to be released after the shooting "blind love entertainment" two months after Zhang Aijia Tian Zhuangzhuang Lang Yueting shot photo HD Photo] [Click to enter the entertainment Sohu directed by Zhang Aijia and starring in the film "love each other" in Zhengzhou on 6 2017 fixing film, after nearly two months of shooting, in addition to Zhang Aijia, Tian Zhuangzhuang, Lang Yueting, Song Ning, "a family of four", the film side also announced that in the "Beijing in Seattle only in numerous" love letter "tear national grandma" Wu Yanshu, actress Geng Le and singer Tan Weiwei also joined the "love each other" big family. Turning to two months of filming, director Zhang Aijia said that as the family generally, the crew has developed a family like understanding. Recently, the family is happy, starring Wu Yanshu and photographer Li Pingbin both nominated for fifty-third Golden Horse Awards, and special performance, Tan Weiwei also almost a good thing, the director Zhang Aijia said, "I hope good luck can always be with us, the future also look forward to more good". Since the mainland Zhang Aijia first Shezan crew fixing not like a family movie "love each other" tacit understanding since September started, one after another in Zhengzhou, Luoyang and other places to shoot, as Zhang Aijia in the mainland’s first works, "she also said, before shooting, but fortunately it was" type after the shooting everything. On the evening of 6 crew filming the last scene in "Be There Or Be Square" after the bar, the smooth fixing. About nearly two months of filming, the director Zhang Aijia said the whole crew is like a big family love each other, whether it is creative, or staff, have developed a family like understanding". On the 7 day of the wrap party, director Zhang Aijia said with a smile from the perceptual fixing to now oneself are still dizzy, "" love each other "this movie is not a person to complete, but all the people, now this movie finally successfully finished, thank you. Thank you for taking me to Zhengzhou, I also hope that through this drama, and share with you the power of moving and warm." It is worth mentioning that, as a director of friends of Tian Zhuangzhuang, and the Zhang Aijia team, in neutral not filming, but also give advice and suggestions for her colleague. And Zhang Aijia played the mother and daughter of the Lang Yueting, then admitted that from the body of the mother like the warmth of the realization of the mother of Zhang Aijia. Another starring Song Ning said, thanks to director Zhang Aijia on his support and encouragement. Family member role orientation growth surprise cited expectations on the same day, the film side also announced new members to join. With the "interpretation of Beijing meets Seattle tear only in love", Wu Yanshu successfully promoted the national grandma, since about constantly, more nominations for the fifty-third Golden Horse Award for best supporting actress. However, Wu Yanshu said that the script is very careful, until the director Zhang Aijia’s "Love Dating" deeply touched her. It is reported that the role played by Wu Yanshu is very promising, not only with the "North West 2" in the image of the big difference, but also more emotionally moving people. In addition, the film is also invited to the famous actor Geng Le and singer Tan Weiwei special performances. According to reports, Geng Le role in the film is very rich in content, the show also.相关的主题文章: