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The new era of quality teaching clear direction — Education — original title: the new era of quality teaching clear direction Yin Houqing incumbent Shanghai Education Association, state inspectors, deputy director of the Work Committee of the Ministry of Education Basic Education Curriculum Textbook expert. The arrival of the new era of quality means that the field of education is facing profound changes. The principal must think about these three propositions: what is the relationship between subject knowledge and students? What is today’s student learning? How to implement today’s teaching responsibility? Today’s curriculum is no longer the integration of subject knowledge, but the whole life of students in school, it is an organic integration of disciplines, students, learning, society. Students’ life experience, personal knowledge and direct experience are becoming the basis and basis of curriculum development. Based on this understanding, today’s basic education curriculum has the distinct characteristics of the times, is no longer a simply by school let the students master some skills training, not to pass an examination of reinforcement learning, but a kind of brand-new subjectivity cultivation. The relationship between subject knowledge and learner refers to the knowledge system, structure and content of curriculum, and the relationship with the development of human being. The discipline of the school and the division of teaching, not always. In China, since the beginning of modern times, but also from the time span of more than and 100 years of history. From the perspective of education demand angle, the university curriculum to a certain extent represents one kind of social progress, it is faster to solve the target problem of education for social needs and cultivate talents, make the educated in a certain period of time, the greatest degree of learning, understanding and mastering the knowledge of different fields and information. The teaching of basic education, solve the learners’ reading, writing, calculation of basic skills for learners into the higher stage of learning and research, provides the basis of ability, but also gradually improve the whole society’s scientific literacy. But the current school teaching there are problems: Gregory and the examination and evaluation of the guidance, make teaching into pure knowledge pursuit, subject content is fragmented, breakpoint, some teaching content can not reflect the logical integrity of the subject content, also do not reflect the elements of relevance knowledge, learners only concern the local knowledge and the requirements of the examination conclusion, neglecting a lot of knowledge belongs to the meaning of the content. For example, in the field of human knowledge system and cognitive thinking process and method of forming process; how the existing knowledge system to explain the past, present and future development of human nature and society, and what is the method with explaining the world and cognitive tools; limit how to reveal this knowledge system and challenge people. The process includes many exploration done on human knowledge in the field, for the truth and diligently pursuit even at the expense of quality, etc.. The results and meanings of different knowledge on human development are different. As far as discipline teaching is concerned, it is not only necessary to explain what knowledge is to the learners, but also to help students understand the meaning of all the subjects to their growth. Therefore)相关的主题文章: