Since you can’t please everyone, just love yourself sql2005安装图解

Since you can not please everyone, it is better to pay special attention to their own public concern Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: diffuse mood good old man is always in spite of their feelings to help others, it seems no attitude, no temper, good bully, you can let people send. This kind of over friendliness is a kind of disease, is a kind of morbid pleasing disease – too good face, fear of rejection, do not love themselves, a little inferiority. When a man is bullied by others, he is not taken for granted. Since you can’t please everyone, it’s better to please yourself. To be yourself, to learn to refuse, to gain real respect. Learn to say, in order to win real respect over friendly person, the heart is not really happy in daily life, there is a "good old": they always put the needs of others in the first place, to meet the various demands of others trivial, never say "no" to others. They’re doing this to get everyone around him to recognize him and try to please everyone. But in fact, their heart is not so happy, even sometimes struggling to "help", feel bad. In fact, most of the time, over friendly people might just simply want to be kind, but blindly overly friendly, do not comply with their own inner feelings to others, responsive, even sent no request also against a promise, will slowly become sick please disease. Over friendly person may believe that he willingly pay, it can get all of his love; but the result is always counterproductive, after all, life is always a bully, when excessive friendly people became the eyes of others can be sent to "strike", he basically in groups in no sense, and he wants from others to his recognition of happiness, have all gone in a flash. Too friendly people, not only to please others, not to please themselves. Pathological pleasing is not a matter of course, learn to refuse to win the respect of people who are too friendly, in fact, the face is more important than their own people. In life there are always some opportunistic "lazy" use smart to send in "good old", although the "good old" feeling this busy not help but is not, can not open the mouth, leaving no face to. So, "the old man" can only lay down their own things to others doing errands. Because he never refused, so more and more people began to send him to do it, but he just tired to death, struggling to deal with, and ultimately not get the attention of others. Speak of face, but the heart is not strong enough, "siyaomianzi living death" feel not well. Over friendly people valued in the face, eyes always love trouble others, simply not worth a hair. In fact, regardless of others refused to face, refused to express a kind of attitude, that is – I told you the kind and not behoove, just want to use my help if you find me, I will not reject you, and speak face or how disappointed. A man who is too kind to refuse相关的主题文章: