Fan Bingbing was questioned by speculation, Zhang Xinyu finally angry! 女f4

Fan Bingbing was questioned by speculation, Zhang Xinyu finally angry! Zhang Xinyu micro-blog screenshot of the recent Paris fashion week, the appearance of the photos of Fan Bingbing and was taken out of contrast, many commentators have said that in imitation of the, which makes it impossible for the tolerance of the of the world, the Chinese version of the. In October 7th, she made the classical speech fierce, "have you ever seen who every day holding someone to step on his foot by bundling it", "I do not accept you for me every day wearing the hat, hat is too high, the walk will be wrestling". Zhang Xinyu micro-blog screenshots subsequently, she removed the micro-blog then issued a: Mom called to education, and your positive energy message I still see, thank you." Zhang Xinyu Fan Bingbing photo (map) Zhang Xinyu micro-blog Original: have you seen who every day holding someone but also by foot binding step on their own? What good do I have? I have only ridicule and abuse, but also affected my work. No patron can easily let you every day to write the news to my sick? Unbridled, and there is no end, I do not respond to positive write every day, who is in the strong pull others tied together? There is a limit to human endurance. I have been trying to enhance their own value, I can rely on their own, I live a free and independent dignity. I don’t accept the hat you wear every day, the hat is too high, and the walking will fall. Related news for the white wash? Zhang Xinyu admit by cheekiness firm entertainment in the night before, Zhang Xinyu micro-blog fans hair welfare, said to be "flop", and the rain descends to answer fans questions. Users who will not miss this rare opportunity, our message is divided into several, such as no Zuo no die, the results are as follows. The flop, but before the message is also to the top "(sister (WeChat public number: entifengvip) unkindly laughed) there are also fans of pure sell adorable for flop ~ Zhang Xinyu also try to 11 back, it is almost rain equitably ~ this Chongni voice ~ said he every fans will love teasing fans ridicule them is" be careful ", to be" a cry two flop downtown three hanging "to coax them not to cry too I will warm hearts of fans Happy birthday ~ some people say not return messages ten pounds of fat, Zhang Xinyu is upset that" you really love me or hate me "also said that if he is narcissistic man must have a large number of girls to suffer, see this Love skill, sister (WeChat public number: entifengvip) that is oh, of course, in addition to selling all kinds of adorable funny, Zhang Xinyu will be in the message will also show a serious side. Like the netizen is in the art of confusion, ask how to do. Zhang Xinyu’s own experience to enlighten her: "there are countless experiences in my life, but I still did not give up second days." And come up with the law of attraction to tell fans, "every day in that direction, one day you will be brought to your dream." There are many users seize the opportunity to ask a number of sensitive questions. Some netizens put forward: "what is your firm foothold in the entertainment industry?" As a result, Zhang Xinyu uses Doge to dial 42.相关的主题文章: